Celebrity Chat With Kyle Hebert: Extra

As many of you already know we had Kyle Hebert here at theOtaku today for a celebrity chat. After the questions were done, Kyle, being the awesome guy that he is, stayed around and chatted with everyone for well over an hour.

I saved the logs so all of you could enjoy them if you wished. It is rather long so I'm going to add it like a story with page breaks. Enjoy!

Oh and... ._. Kyle Hebert has seen Nightwish live... I am so jealous, seriously. lololol I want to see that band perform so baaad. XD

EDIT: since it was confusing I moved the before part to the celeb chat here as well:

SunfallE: thank you everyone
pandabearluv: where ish it? o3o
kobroshi 66: NeKo MoonShine: idk
SunfallE: I was preparing for the celeb chat so I had to change the settings and Hello Kyle
Miracle Star19: Hai Everyone
omnia1 Is excited about being in chat to come see Kyle... is sooo happeh ^_^ *huggles everyone
NeKo MoonShine: Hi Kyle.
Miracle Star19: Hai Kyle
Kyle Hebert: Howdy, all!
Gainax: Hi. :DDD
Butterflykiss: Hello Kyle welcome to the Otaku!
kobroshi 66: welcome
omnia1: hello Kyle
willotaku: Hi Kyle
xXShayde WolfXx: Hello
piggyback garu: Hi~
Miracle Star19: Welcome to the O
mangalover567: hi kyle
Shishou waves.
firezero: Kyle Hebert: hello
Kei: Welcome back, Kyle.
animegirl171: Hello :)
omnia1: Am I being blind? I can't even see him lol
Kyle Hebert: Howdy, howdy aaaaaaaaaaaand howdy
Butterflykiss: :D
Miracle Star19: ^_^
omnia1: :P
SunfallE: I gave him mod powers omnia so he's at the top of the list
mangalover567: 8D
NeKo MoonShine: KIBA AVATAR :D
SunfallE: he'll need it for the moderation to work properly.
Gainax: Ohhh I see.
Swagger: Oh, Kyle.
Kyle Hebert: Ooooh, I HAZ POWERZ (cue dramatic theme)
omnia1: ahhhhhhhhhhh hay wow... the gift of a gold jacket hay? *winks* lucky :P :D
Swagger: this is pretty cool...
Butterflykiss: hahaha
Miracle Star19: XD
SunfallE: So glad you could make it again Kyle ^_^
Gainax is even listening to the TTGL OST |DDD
NeKo MoonShine: Wait..what's going? Did the chat change?
firezero: yes
willotaku: yes it did
mangalover567 confused
NeKo MoonShine: ok..brb
willotaku: for this occasion
SunfallE: We're gonna give people another five minutes to show up for the chat and then I will turn the moderation on.
xXShayde WolfXx: o____O
Kei: Not completely, but it will.
Xenesis: Celebrity Chat
willotaku: I already do
Butterflykiss: lmao
Shishou snorts.
Butterflykiss: same here
Gainax: Pay attention. 8Y
mangalover567 randomly says moose and bows
xXShayde WolfXx: So... many... PEOPLE!
omnia1: who's not paying attention sis?
mangalover567: moose
xXShayde WolfXx explodes
Shishou: Pff, this is nothing, really.
Swagger: I wish I knew what was going on.
Gainax: Nia: Whoever's asking what's going on. 8Y
omnia1: lmao XD
piggyback garu: Sophia: Moi?
Linku-kun: Stockuuuu! I've missed so many updates! OAO Karkat is just aslkjdfhsdlkjfgskdfgjsk! OwO
willotaku: Kyle Herbert is here to talk to us, that's what is going on
omnia1: yeah in that case keep up :P
Butterflykiss: it's cool having you here Kyle!
Gainax: Linku: What?
mangalover567: yosh!
willotaku: very cool
Kyle Hebert: thank ya
Kyle Hebert: ;D
NeKo MoonShine: I agree with Butterflykiss :D
Butterflykiss: you are welcome~ ;D
Linku-kun: I just saw your Karkat drawing!
Butterflykiss: XD
Gainax: Linku
mangalover567 is in awe of kyle
Kyle Hebert: I woke up for this hahaha
SunfallE: Correct, in a few minutes I will start moderation and people can ask questions. I'll let them in one at a time so Kyle can answer them.
Gainax: 8Y
Butterflykiss: hahaha
Butterflykiss: niceXD
Swagger: o_o
Miracle Star19: Cool
Linku-kun: I knoooow! Late Linku is Late.
omnia1: lmao XD you guys are making me giggle way tooo much this end XD
mangalover567: I wonder...............
animegirl171: Is it ok if I don't ask questions, but just 'listen' ? :)
willotaku: this is like an online convention
Immortal Queen: hey linku :o
NeKo MoonShine: 1 minute.oAo
Gainax: Linku: I dun really care. 8Y
Immortal Queen: i didn't see you thar XD
SunfallE: yup, you don't have to ask questions.
mangalover567: cool
Butterflykiss: yes yes it is will
omnia1: awww Stocku... chear ups
Linku-kun: Work has kept me busy. But I got fired from mah job so...more free time for awhile!
Gainax just wants to stalk =w=
omnia1 snuggles
Swagger: Is it wrong to not know who Kyle Hebert is?
Gainax: Nia: I'm good. :o
mangalover567: Nope
Gainax: Simple: It's a crime.
Allamorph: Yes.
omnia1 Stocku scared Nia :P
Gainax: How dare you.
Linku-kun: HELLO DEENA!
Kyle Hebert: I'm a dub voice actor (DUB, SHOCK AND AWE, BAD WORD I KNOW RIGHT)
Kyle Hebert: lol
Allamorph: It is punishable by death.
Immortal Queen sits on neko chan
omnia1: XD
piggyback garu: Google is your friend
SunfallE: XD
Swagger: D8
Miracle Star19: lol
Immortal Queen: cap locks ftw
Butterflykiss: Kyle Hebert: yes you are!
willotaku: voice of Kiba Inuzuka, Kamina, and Adult Gohan
RedJ: xD
Swagger: OH
Butterflykiss: AND AZIEN!
NeKo MoonShine: KIBA FTW
Gainax: KAMINA.
Kei: Al, honey, don't frighten the poor man.
NeKo MoonShine shot
Immortal Queen: i was joking lmao
Butterflykiss: don't forget him oniichan =n=
Miracle Star19: lol
Kyle Hebert: Ryu on STreet Fighter, Marvel vs Capcom 3
omnia1: wow... chat is toooo fast tonight
mangalover567: Aizen is amazing
Miracle Star19: :o
Miracle Star19: RYU
firezero: sweet
Butterflykiss: that is so ep!
Butterflykiss: *epic
Gainax: |DD
omnia1: calm down guys lol :P
piggyback garu: Neveerrrrr
Gainax was huggled
firezero: ryu is so cool
mangalover567: I love bad guys
omnia1: lmao XD
NeKo MoonShine: garu lol
willotaku: well, it's hard when a celebrity is here
Butterflykiss: we all domangalover567:
Allamorph: Ladies and gentlemen, I have an announcement.
Linku-kun: I know ALL of those roles. Except Kamina. I've Never watched Gurren Lagaan or however you spell it.
Swagger: soooo cool....
omnia1: same... I do love Aizen he is my anime crusg
mangalover567: 0_____________0
omnia1: crush
Gainax: Gurren Lagann*
mangalover567: 0///0
Allamorph: Orange juice.
Allamorph: That is all.
Allamorph drinks
mangalover567: orangensaft
RedJ: Awesome.
Butterflykiss: wow Al lol
omnia1: you brought him to life Kyle and for that I am grateful ^_^
Gainax: crusg
Miracle Star19: Alla :p
Immortal Queen: i don't like oranges alla
firezero makes some tea
Gainax: What even is that.
Linku-kun: Victoria: Text me when it's over. I'll be away.
Allamorph: Well then you're a loony.
Gainax: It's like thinkg
Swagger: Oh my God, the voice of Kamina D8
omnia1: you know what I meant Stocku lol
omnia1: :P
Kyle Hebert: thanks, omnia! one of my favorite roles of all time
NeKo MoonShine: Pffft..Linku.lol
Gainax: Nia: derp
Xenesis: Simple: Yep.
willotaku: sweet
mangalover567: my friend loves gohan
Gainax: Simple: Slow.
Linku-kun: I love Orange Juice. Especially with a bit of pulp.
Gainax: 8Y
Immortal Queen: i don't like the way they smell >< lol
Butterflykiss: you really did! can i ask you came up with the voice for him? because it's amazingKyle Hebert:
omnia1: hehe YAY!! yeah he's my fave character of all to hehe
mangalover567: I love orangensaft
Butterflykiss: *how you came up with the voice
Swagger: Wikipedia says you were in Resident Evil: Degeneration, too.
Gainax stalk stalk stalk
Kyle Hebert: its actually the same voice as Gohan. i have ONE teen voice, lol
omnia1: when they going to let you dubbing it though :(
SunfallE: Heh
Butterflykiss: ah i see XD
Sage of Magic: haha
willotaku: I thought I recognized it
Kyle Hebert: swagger, i voiced zooooooooooombiiiiiiiiiies le rawr
Miracle Star19: HAI SAGE
Heartstop: :O
Immortal Queen: sagey is here :o
NeKo MoonShine: xD
Butterflykiss: XDDD
Sage of Magic: lawl
Swagger: YOU ARE A GOD
Heartstop: yay i made it in time
omnia1: thats awesome Kyle : I never realised that hehe
Linku-kun: Sageo de magika!
mangalover567: Kyle Hebert: Is it sometimes stressful?
Miracle Star19: HEART
RedJ: WOAH itsa Sage
Linku-kun: HAI
Miracle Star19: :D
SunfallE: Well, Kyle, we can give it a few more minutes for people or go ahead and get started.
Kyle Hebert: if i was god, i'd grant me WAY more work hahaha
Heartstop: Hey xD
Gainax: Lol
Immortal Queen: hearty you made it
firezero: hi stop
mangalover567: lmfao
Heartstop: OwO hello our VIP
mangalover567: hi heart^^
piggyback garu: Hearty~
Heartstop: xD
Gainax can't wait for Lindsey to get here and be all "WUT".
Butterflykiss: Kyle Hebert: XD
omnia1: hehe yeah if I was a Goddess I would grant you more work on it to lol XD
Kyle Hebert: meh, not sure yet lol
Linku-kun: Now for me to calm down and give a proper greeting.
omnia1: I'm missing it :[
Kyle Hebert: do people stroll in late to these usually?
SunfallE: They do.
mangalover567 shrugs
Miracle Star19: ?o?o?
Heartstop: =w= yupo
Kyle Hebert: then hang for a few and i'll mingle anyway
YoruhanaKurotsuki: im here! wow, i forgot until now
NeKo MoonShine was too excited to be late
omnia1: dunno... I guess its like any do... u have the one's that are fashionable late lol
mangalover567: XI
NeKo MoonShine: lol
omnia1: :[P
Heartstop: it will easily hit 200 in no time
Heartstop: no worries
SunfallE: Okay, I'll give it a few more minutes then we shall start.
Sage of Magic: I showed up yesterday accidentally thinking it was today
Heartstop: SunfallE: yay
Immortal Queen: 200 would be crazy
Gainax: Lindseyyyyy we need youuuu
Kyle Hebert: question, can ANYBODY be in this chat without creating a profile?
Kyle Hebert: I tweeted about this and on my FB fan page
Heartstop: nope
Gainax: No.
YoruhanaKurotsuki: i dunno
SunfallE: well they do have to be a member
Kei: Oh, dear.
Butterflykiss: yes
mangalover567: 30 days of membership
NeKo MoonShine: For atleast 30 days before they can chat too.
Kei: But our registration is quick and easy, so it's no problem.
Sage of Magic: then suddenly theOtaku gained a tun of new members
Sage of Magic: ...ton
Kei: And the 30-day limit has been removed today.
Butterflykiss: not for today, they can come inmangalover567:
Sage of Magic: hello typos
firezero: yep
NeKo MoonShine: Right now everyone's allowed on chat without that right.
Linku-kun: Kyel: Hello and welcome to the Otaku chat. Pleasure to meet a star such as yourself. Of th roles I do know you have done an excellent job in capturing the characters. I applaud you're talent and hope that you shall be the one to give them life until the series's end.
omnia1: awww is he allowed to save the log Beth so that he can show it to all?
mangalover567: 030
Linku-kun: *Kyle
SunfallE: Well Adam was supposed to remove the 1 month restriction but I don't know if he has or not.
Swagger: Dear Lord, you were in Eureka Seven....
firezero: wow cool
Heartstop: =w=
Gainax: Simple: How dare you now know this sooner. 8Y
NeKo MoonShine: lol
Gainax: *bot
Gainax: *NOT
mangalover567: =3=
dattebaneyo: I really want to just shout "KIBA" but I won't.
SunfallE: I'll be posting this log later on for everyone.
Heartstop: Sunny this is going to be the same as last time right
willotaku: Kyle Hebert: first off I want to say my girlfriend and I are big fans, second what was it like working on Dragon Ball Z and Naruto?
MewChero: pfff Hime XD
NeKo MoonShine: dattebaneyo: I already did.xD
dattebaneyo: xD
Swagger: Gainax: I DON'T WATCH DUBS
NeKo MoonShine: dattebaneyo: I went.."KIBA FTW"
Kyle Hebert: i just tweeted that people have to sign up
SunfallE: And there is our late comer, Adam
Heartstop: like enter question, gets checked and forwarded ?
Miracle Star19: HAI ADAM
Butterflykiss: neko: darn right he does!
Heartstop: hey boss man
omnia1: lol wc Adam :P
Swagger: Gainax: HA. That'll happen.
mangalover567: Kyle Hebert: were the other voice actors friendly
firezero: hi boss man
piggyback garu: Hi adam
Heartstop: Kyle Hebert: xD that was quick
NeKo MoonShine: Jo: Wait, what?lol
Gainax: Simple: Then suffer.
Kyle Hebert: its okay if you don't watch dubs. i only have a problem if people are trolls
MewChero: haa Adam was the late one
Kei: Yeah, we'll be entering Moderation Mode here soon. Save all your big questions for then, folks.
Sage of Magic: thanks for bringing life to awesome characters, man
NeKo MoonShine: xDDD
Butterflykiss: nvm XD
dattebaneyo: xD
willotaku: okay then
Adam: it's better for me to be late than Kyle :)
NeKo MoonShine: Trolls.lol
Heartstop: Kyle Hebert: =w= how does it feel to be a evil guy in one and a good guy in the other xD
NeKo MoonShine: I love dubbed better than Japanese.:3
Shishou: Ohai, Adam.
willotaku: you got that right Adam!
Swagger: Kyle Hebert: My sister says you have a hot voice.
SunfallE: save those questions
Gainax: I like both.
Butterflykiss: XD
Kyle Hebert: Tell your sis thanks, Swagger.
Heartstop: SunfallE: okie dokie OwO
SunfallE: alright, it's time for moderation
Adam: Beth (SunfallE) will be leading this event!
Gainax: Also, also. Tomitake. :DD
omnia1: I was thinking that Aizen has a hot voice :P
Heartstop: got it sunny :3
This room is moderated by SunfallE. All messages are forwarded to the moderator for review.

The after part will be on the following pages. :)