Pokemon Chat Fun

Kei has been doing some live streaming of an older pokemon game. She's using Twitch TV to do it and the system likes to censor the weirdest words in the chat window. Though sometimes it's funny as hell as you can see here:

blankbbs: Gaiz.
» Ducky is in the mood for a Skype Party.
sangome: But we're streaming...
sunfalle: yar, streaming
sangome: and I really don't want to get on because I have a headache
blankbbs: I know.
sunfalle: tell ducky to get her butt in here
blankbbs: I'mma *** her.
sangome: HAT
sunfalle: hawt, blank
sangome: WHAT*
» O__O
Broadcaster keitheotaku: So sorry you guys. Didn't think it'd take this long.
sunfalle: Kinky!
» *flees*
blankbbs: *** her to the page?
sangome: It's okay
sunfalle: XD
sangome: ***
blankbbs: I don't know anymore.
» *shrugs*
sunfalle: hahahahaha
iuliathe3rd: what is Blank doing to my sister?
sangome: I'm sorry, I am just in no mood to Skype
sunfalle: he's gonna *** her
sangome: I plead @[email protected]
iuliathe3rd: BLANK!
blankbbs: Missay: I don't know, They keep telling me I'm doing stuff, but I don't know ._.;
sunfalle: it censored what he said so we're having fun with it. XD
sangome: This is what showed up Blank
» I'mma *** her.
blankbbs: Oh.
sunfalle: XD same for me. hahaha
sangome: and then *** her to the page?
desbreko: OMG something's happening!
sunfalle: just what were you saying?
blankbbs: Why the hell would L-i-n-k show up as censored.
sangome: OH EHM GEE
iuliathe3rd: 8O
sunfalle: XD
» hahahahahahahahaha
iuliathe3rd: someone doesn't like Zelda
blankbbs: I said I was going to give her the page url.