So Tiny

I thought I'd share this photo with you all. My friend had to go up to Lubbock Texas earlier this week so I went with her. I've been through the town before but well over twenty years ago so I was curious to see it. There were two things about the place that really stuck out in my mind. The first is the Mormon Temple there. I took a picture because it has to be the tiniest temple I have ever seen. lol I didn't even realize that it was a temple at first because it was so tiny!. XD

The second thing was where we got some dinner at. It was a Chinese restaurant that not only had an excellent buffet but the inside decor was fantastic. Dark cherry wood for the furnishings. The tables all had what looked like wood block painting patterns on it. And there were elaborate pictures and a wall around the part for a private reservation that was all decked out in Asian flair. Carvings and dragon painting and so forth.

If we ever go back up to Lubbock again I know I'll want to not only have food there again but take a bunch of pictures so I can show you all.