The Promise

Have you ever noticed how things here get really busy when your life in other areas also gets super busy? To give you an idea I went through 57 reports for the site last night and I still have moar to go.

It's not that we suddenly have some huge influx of plagiarism or anything. It's just that we have a backlog on account of realizing a source was slipping under the radar for a while. *cough*Pixiv*cough* But that's kind of normal. I've noticed the trend since I've been here. You find one and work on locking it down only for another to pop up. :p

Things off site have been rather interesting. In the sense that being able to join some nightly skype convo's with some of you guys has been a great way to wind down at the end of the day. Nothing like some good laughter and nutty fun at the end of a insane day to relieve stress.

You crazy people make me smile so much. <3

Coherence at 2am is not a given.