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~Thank you Indi~ <3

A treatise on stupidity

Well probably not a full treatise per se but this upcoming rant sure as hell feels like it. There will be some language in this, fair warning. I wasn't even sure I was going to bother to rant but it's not very often that someone gives me the urge ...

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Shield Your Soul

Time for a bullet point update. I'm too lazy to write it all out in detail. :p Site Still working on updating the FAQ/Site Terms, mostly done though. Getting caught up on reports ...

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PM Borking

So... within the past couple of weeks the PM system has been having issues. Adam did work on fixing it and I know this since I helped him test it to make sure it was working properly... So what happens? It borked again today and it makes me think ...

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You Are My Sunshine

Oh how I wish the weather was actually sunshine. We've having the wettest season on record here. It's just not the norm for this part of Utah to constantly have storms during the spring. It makes me wonder what kind of summer we'll have. Plus we s...

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Contest Idea: Updated

Before I get to my idea... Now that I have the FAQ for the site on my account I find I have to be really careful anytime I post. It's the default world when I go to post so the last thing I want to do is post personal stuff in the FAQ by accident....

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