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~Thank you Indi~ <3

When it rains it...

Just wanted to post to let people know that I will have very limited access for the next while. I'll still be around but until I get it sorted I won't be on much the next couple of weeks.


Well after a month of the doctors doing everything they could my friend passed away earlier this week. I meant to post about it sooner but just couldn't bring myself to write it up. I really never know what to say in these type of situations. It's always hard and it always hurts and yet I know it's just part of life. So... RIP. You'll be missed but you will live on in our hearts and never be forgotten.

The Promise

Have you ever noticed how things here get really busy when your life in other areas also gets super busy? To give you an idea I went through 57 reports for the site last night and I still have moar to go.

It's not that we suddenly have some huge influx of plagiarism or anything. It's just that we have a backlog on account of realizing a source was slipping under the radar for a while. *cough*Pixiv*cough* But that's kind of normal. I've noticed the trend since I've been here. You find one and work on locking it down only for another to pop up. :p

Things off site have been rather interesting. In the sense that being able to join some nightly skype convo's with some of you guys has been a great way to wind down at the end of the day. Nothing like some good laughter and nutty fun at the end of a insane day to relieve stress.

You crazy people make me smile so much. <3

Coherence at 2am is not a given.

Face the crowd

In regards to my post about the person who was ill and going to get better... Well they had complications and pretty much got a hell of a lot worse the past few days. Emergency surgery was done yesterday and though they did survive that... they're in very critical condition.

At least I can say they are doing everything they can and that the people caring for him have good hearts. They've made sure to be compassionate to everyone involved and yet not sugar coat how serious it is. Plus there are positive signs that hopefully mean they'll pull out and recover.

I want this to be the case so very much. I know that losing people is part of life but it doesn't change just how much it can really hurt when it happens.

Life Moves On

First of all I'm sorry I didn't really respond to the comments left on my last post. I did appreciate them I've just been frustrated this week. However that one rant post is enough in my opinion since an occasional rant is okay but I don't think i...

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