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~Thank you Indi~ <3


I feel like I'm totally being spoiled right now. I can run about without socks or shoes and my feet don't get too cold.


Pokemon Chat Fun

Kei has been doing some live streaming of an older pokemon game. She's using Twitch TV to do it and the system likes to censor the weirdest words in the chat window. Though sometimes it's funny as hell as you can see here: blankbbs: Gaiz....

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I Has A Job

I told some of you already that I picked the job with the school district here. So this morning they did my fingerprints for a background check. Then I went over to the administration office to be set up on the system so I can do substitute teaching and cafeteria work as needed.

The fingerprinting was kind of fun since how they do it has changed quite a bit. I had it done around five to six years ago for one job and back then they still used ink and had to send it away. Now they have a special scanner for it and it's all sent in electronically and done much quicker. So no messy ink!

So now I'm all set to go and I already have an assignment for substitute teaching this Friday. XD I'm both nervous and excited since I've never done it before. And I'm very, very happy to have work! Yays!

So Tiny

I thought I'd share this photo with you all. My friend had to go up to Lubbock Texas earlier this week so I went with her. I've been through the town before but well over twenty years ago so I was curious to see it. There were two things about the...

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As some of you already know I moved to Texas last week. So I'm now residing in West Texas where it's hot and flat. It's a huge change but it's one for the best. I've been looking for work in Utah for a while now and just not getting any response from the places I was applying to. With the economy as it is I know I'm not the only one trying to find something and having no luck.

The place I've moved to is a small town and yet it has oil, cotton and peanut farming so there is a lot of work to be had here. To give you an idea, I've been here almost a week and I already have two offers as of today. One to work for the school district here, pending a fingerprint check since they look for a criminal background (not worried about this since I don't have that kind of background XD).

The other is with the hospital here where I'd be working in the home health aide department. I will be getting the particulars tomorrow on that one. Once I have that I get to play pick which one to actually take. Should be fun!