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~Thank you Indi~ <3

Keep on going

I'm really glad I have this afternoon off since it's been such a busy week. To give you an idea I'm gonna make a list. Monday Car inspection. Pay taxes and transfer title. Get new pla...

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WTF is this BS?

Fair warning this is a bit of a rant and it has religious roots in it so if you don't like my opinion on it that's fine just do me and everyone a favor and don't flame or create a fuss. Anyway, basically I learned about a deal where it see...

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Into The Future

I got a surprise today. One of the jobs I applied for last month, called me back to come into today for what I thought was a second interview. I got there and it quickly became obvious that it was to show me around the place, which is still under construction (though close to being done), and offer me a job. =3 So now I has a full time job. Orientation for it will be on the 29th of this month since the construction of the new building will be almost done at that point.

As much as I've enjoyed the sub teaching I'm glad to finally be hired onto something full time. It's a company that does a combination of catering and parties and regular food that people can come and pick up. It's a step between fast food and outright restaurant. I'm looking forward to it. <3

Storm Front

Well today was rather interesting. A major cold front came through West Texas and brought with it winds running from 20-30 mph. Later in the day that got stronger and moved to gusts hitting upwards of 40-60 mph. As a result we got hit by a dust st...

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Zeh Tour

Before the tour of my apartment here in Texas I wanted to mention a bizarre dream I had last night. I was up late skyping with some of you guys and that sort of transfered over into my dreams. Not that we actually discussed what happened in my dre...

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