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~Thank you Indi~ <3

Update Dance

Everyone loves updates for their computer/programs, right? Usually I don't mind them since they help keep my computer and programs running smoothly. A good example would be the other week when I acquired the first three episodes of a show I will b...

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The Career Of The Future

I thought I'd share one of the fun random things that came up during D&D last Saturday.

allamorph: *is resetting his head*
selene shri: (XD)
crystia: (and that makes me think of the barbies they sell where you don't change outfits... but their heads for different looks.)
allamorph has left the room.
Kei: All right, so. When last we left off, we were just starting day two of travelling off to Loneplai--FFF.
blank: That's so morbid.
crystia: (he lost his head?)
crystia: (I know blank but I saw it in the store the other day and went, wtf)
blank: (Oh I can't blame you at all.)
blank: (I think I woulda just started laughing or something.)
crystia: (Here kids, lets play dress up like barbie! But first we need to go find some heads!)
selene shri: (o_o)
blank: (Bringing a whole new meaning to the career "headhunter."
crystia: (inorite?)
blank: (They're the fashionistas of the future.)

Stupidity Knows No Bounds

I'm sure some of you already saw this at TimeChaser's world but I kind of felt like spreading it a bit further. It's been a while since I've read something so utterly inane and stupid. And it's the very kind of stupidity that we desperately don't need in our government these days. So if you haven't seen TC's post then here's the link to the article.

Georgia lawmaker proposes classifying miscarriages as ‘prenatal murder’

My only regret about this thing is that I'm not in a position to get this moron voted out of his political office for good. And my other regrets aren't very charitable or nice at all so I'm not going to voice them. But yeah... some people are just beyond stupid, sadly.

Why not?

Have a good day today everyone and of course:

Donkey's have feelings too!

Just a snippet from a session in chat in the past week. If I ever need a remember why I love this place... all I have to do is browse through some of the chat logs I've saved. You people are nutty as hell at times and I love it. :p ...

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