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~Thank you Indi~ <3

Contest Reminder (closed)

Hey everyone. Just wanted to remind you all of the contest going on right now:

Easter Comment Contest: Win K-ON Volume 1!

All you have to do is comment about what otaku related activity, if any, you did for Easter. So if you're in the US or Canada go and leave a comment so you don't miss out.

It will be closing later tonight and a winner will be chosen.

Update: The contest is now closed. The winner was sasoriofredsand!

Pokemon Fun

So I was visiting with Mariskah earlier today while she had her Pokemon Black up and running. I asked her what she was doing in the game and she explained that she was looking to catch a Panpour. Within a few minutes she suddenly said:

Ohhh, moving grass... GAH! It's that pink COW AGAIN!

I'm sure you Pokemon fans know which one she's referring to. I know I do and I laughed at her annoyed expression. XD

So I Heard You Like Pokemon

Kei, on Pokemon Black:

SunfallE: it's just more fun than I thought it would be
SunfallE: XD
Kei: See?
Kei: One of us. ._.
SunfallE: I know
SunfallE: you with your getting me addicted to things.
SunfallE: Mariskah is still making fun of me for that
SunfallE: ._.
Kei: =3
SunfallE: N is a creeper, but he's also amusing
Kei: You haven't seen the room.
SunfallE: ._.


And... it makes me laugh, a lot. ;p

April Has Arrived

I have this bad habit of thinking of things to post about and then never getting around to it. So I'm gonna do a bullet point post of things that have happened in the past week. Plotted April Fools. Finally chose MLP f...

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So I Cut My Finger

No really, I did. I decided to have some cheese and crackers as a snack last night. However when I went to cut the cheese I slipped and the knife got the inside of my left forefinger instead. ;~; Not bad enough for stitches but enough to bleed a lot until I got it properly bandaged up.

So now it's been aching and driving me a bit nuts. I figure it will take a while to heal up since it's definitely more than a papercut. Those are annoying but usually heal up quickly. This on the other hand... pffffft I haven't managed to accidentally cut myself like this in years.

At least I'm right handed. XD