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~Thank you Indi~ <3


Time for an update on what I've been up to. I'll start with all the plagiarism fuss going on around here in relation to fan art. So all of you who either took the time to come to me and ask questions and then remove stuff on your own, I th...

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Friday the 13th

... so, here's a black cat for you, enjoy. ;p

Maybe I'll watch silly scary movies later. I'm not really into the bad luck deal though, aside from laughing at it. XD

In The Dark

I was gonna post about stuff I'm doing around the site this week but I decided I'm too lazy to do that. So... have an image instead. :p

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La De Da

Seems that people forget that sites have a handy thing at the bottom of the page called Help/FAQ. Just as they also seem to forget to take the time to go there and actually read the information provided in it. So...

Maybe we need to have a link to it in some totally obvious OBNOXIOUS place all over the site. So no matter where you go you see a huge thing that says HELP/FAQ READ ME NOW KTHX. That way people can then complain about how annoying it is for a change.

That is all.

Busy Busy Busy

This past week has been pretty crazy busy here. I shouldn't be surprised though. When things are rather quiet for a while it often means that later things will get crazy, and they did.

So much that I feel like dubbing it 'plagiarism week' on account of so many items being taken down from the site. I did finally get caught up but I'm sure more will be brought to my attention since that's how it always works. :p

I do love how plenty of people upon reading the moderation posts and realizing they had inadvertently used fan art, simply went through their galleries and took it down. I've always believed, and still do, that a lot of plagiarism is done in ignorance. Yes I know there are those who do it deliberately but most aren't even aware of it.

Anyway, other than some PMs I've gotten to everything. If I haven't responded to you yet, just give me a little time. ^^