10 Things

My 10 things I hate...about L.


1. I hate how obnoxiously smart he is!
2. I hate how he can eat all the sweets he wants and never gets fat! (I so with I could do that!)
3. I hate how he always looks really hot even though he looks like he just got out of bed!
4. I hate that he dies!
5. I hate that he's always paired EVERYONE in the whole damn fandom! Misa, Light, Matsuda...EVERYBODY!
6. I hate that he got to kick Light in the face...and I DIDN'T!
7. I hate that he got to call Misa stupid to her face...AND I--oh, you get the idea...
8. I hate that NEAR had to replace him!
9. I hate that he has a Watari that follows him around!
And last but not least...
10. I hate that he's not real!!