Fun at renaissance fair!

Hi hi guys~ guess what.? I went to the renaissance fair in mn! It was so fun!~ I got a henna tattoo there on my wrist. A henna tattoo is a temporary (1 week to a month ) tattoo that a paste that you peel of and at first your design is pale orange and then later it turns dark brown! I got a key with a heart on it! Im gonna post it here later today if you wanna see! ^ .^ anyways the ride there was supposed to be one hour but it was like two and one half!!!!! I was so bored! The traffic caused us to arrive 1 hour and one half late to the fair. I got a yummy turkey leg and some lemonade. Everyone was in costumes! I really thought I was living in the midevil times. I got a cider float and It was sooooo good!!! : D Then my mother and I left. The drive home was really easy! Thank goodness. I was really excited to get home because genshiken 2 and attack on titans new episodes just came out so I was really eager to watch them. Unfourtantley we had plans... Right before I Ieft I wanted to see if attack on titan FINALLY came out, but... This was the outcome: It literally said 1 second left.... Grrrrrrrrr!