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The Cuteness Dosen't End XD

Don't Let Renji Near Flamable Objects!

Renji decided to enroll in a police acadamy in the real world to see what it would be like. But the instant flare guns are introduced things go horibbly, HORIBBLY wrong. Oh Renji, first kido now flare guns, I don't think we should let him near anything flamable.
*laughs* Here's the after story by the artist

Ren: Okay, fine I was at the Acadamy when it burned down but it totally wasn't my fault! You see I just got there early to practice with my flare gun!
Ichi: Okay, so far zero percent your fault.
Ren: Alright so I accidentally shot a flare and it went under the bleachers!
Bya: Well, we've jumped up to sixty percent your fault.
Ren: Kay' so then I shot another flare at the first flare, cuz' you know what they say "You gotta fight fire with fire"!
Ru: Yeah....now this is like, ninety-nine percent your fault.
Ren: And then I shot ANOTHER flare to warn people about the fire. But that one went right on the roof and that's when I just got the heck outta there.

VERY Out Of Season! 0_0

But I just HAD to post this! XD

Well I'll Be! It Reall Happens!


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