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well personally I find this rather amusing ^^

The Cuteness Dosen't End XD

OMG I'm Posting Something Here That Isn't IchiRuki?! FINALLY!

That's right peoples, it be a miracle! Well I found this yesterday and figured that ya'll would really like it ^^ It says (Rukia) "She followed us back from the Nigabashi distrect Captin, can we keep her?" (Ukitake) "Well I supose it's alright, she sure sheds alot," (Kiyone and Sentaro) "She likes ME best!" "No she likes ME best!"

Yes, More Of My Rant 'Bout The New Chapter, Well Kinda

I see very few ways that the next chapter will be anything more than irritating, but HERE is one of them ^^ Yesh, ichi is extremely smexy with long hair, .... well it's the only thing Renji has that he dosen't (besides tattoos) so now they'll practically look like twins! *laughS* KEEP THE HAIR!!!!


So THIS is how he unwindes! 0_0