Yeah, this used to be Bleach Games! but that kinda dropped, now at Sugar Coated Strawberries or Sugar Berries for short, we discuss anything and everything IchiRuki, I'm open to IchiRuki guest posts here too, why Sugar Coated Strawberries? Because Ichigo is the strawberry (obviously) and Rukia is the snow (or in this case sugar coating) that goes over it, Strawberries are too sour without sugar coated on them! So now the strawberries are sweeter! So have fun guys!

Hot N' Cold

Well it really is true, personally I dont care for the song but the lyrics do fit IchiRuki....

Sorry ^^;

All last week I had errands so I couldn't post ^^; Anyway, um, yeah... some IchiRuki for ya'll ^^ Now for some big news! Last week we had Rukia! ^^ We hope to see her again this week too!

Sorry For Not Posting Yesterday

I had a bunch of errands to run, but regardless, there is IchiRuki today!

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