Yeah, this used to be Bleach Games! but that kinda dropped, now at Sugar Coated Strawberries or Sugar Berries for short, we discuss anything and everything IchiRuki, I'm open to IchiRuki guest posts here too, why Sugar Coated Strawberries? Because Ichigo is the strawberry (obviously) and Rukia is the snow (or in this case sugar coating) that goes over it, Strawberries are too sour without sugar coated on them! So now the strawberries are sweeter! So have fun guys!

Getting Closer

Will ya'll please tell me wat you want for 1,000 hits? PLEASE! I NEED TO NO! Think of the little ones! Aw! Look at the cute little pandas! That's right Ichigo, you and Rukia are now baby pandas and are mine, mwahahaha! Yeah, ya' no the picture ain't mine, but Ichi and Ruki are! No they aren't, but it's fun to play!


Just Great

Great, I submitted a card three times by mistake, lovely, but, I changed my avatar and it looks lovely! So that's good! And, why torture you? So, here's a lovely little picture this might be my only update because the internet is being mean again,

Hey! Birthday!

So! As you may no from Sugar Berry Feilds, it is Sparklingwave's b-day! Happy B-day Sparkles! And luckily I think this b-day picis better than the last one! here's the aftermath (not mine either) Rukia: Ichigo! Not infront of Brother! Ichigo: Oopse, sorry Byakuya, no hard feelings, Byakuya: *Were's the term CAPTIN?!* Unforgiveable, Scatter, Sensonbakara, Kagaoshi

Look! Snow Peaches!

Hehehe, I'm in a MomoShiro mood, ya' no, somethin'? I'm gonna start posting works from Yuuyami-artist, her art is lovely and so very darling! Like this, anyway, that's wat I'm gonna do!