Yeah, this used to be Bleach Games! but that kinda dropped, now at Sugar Coated Strawberries or Sugar Berries for short, we discuss anything and everything IchiRuki, I'm open to IchiRuki guest posts here too, why Sugar Coated Strawberries? Because Ichigo is the strawberry (obviously) and Rukia is the snow (or in this case sugar coating) that goes over it, Strawberries are too sour without sugar coated on them! So now the strawberries are sweeter! So have fun guys!

1,100+ Hits!!!

Thanks for 1,100+ hits!! I no it's early, but, I'm up watching Silvia Brown Wendsday, anyway, alright! 1,100+ Hits! I wanted to upload a flashy thingy but it won't work, but this is cute!

Rescuing Kiss

Is the title of this picture, I really love it,

This Is Sweet

Ah, Quincys

Why am I talking about quincys? 'Cause Uryuu just got done dealing pay back to Mayuri, you no wat I mean, well, you do if you read Sugar Berry Feilds, I love squad 11, It's by far one of (if not my very) favirote squads, everyone may be fight-aholics, but they're really nice and loyal! Go figure! I love squad 10 too, always have, lemme see, my three favs are 10, 11, and 13, that's weird because my favirote number is 10, my birthday is on the 13th, and 11, is the odd ball, hehe, anyway, I'm not including my owne squad (9) because I only like it ounce I'm contolling it, hehe, but those three I have pretty much always loved, I don't like squad one, I like Soifon but generally swuad two borders, I only just started liking squad three, I only like squad four's lower ranks, the higher ups of that squad I think are a bit fishey, um, I like squad 5 pretty well, minus the ex-captin, I feel sorry for squad 6, I like them (minuse Byakuya) squad 7, eh, it borders, I really don't care that much about them 'cause I think the captin and leitenit are a little messed up in the head but I don't no about anyone else, I love squad 8, I told ya' about my owne squad 9, and 10 and 11, I din't really like squad 12, gee, wounder why, and I told ya' that I love squad 13, so there ya' have it! Why am I telling you all this? Huh, I dunno, anyway, here's some IchiRuki! hehe, yeah right,

Imuoto Chan Is Sad, Hopefully This'll Cheer Her Up!

It's from the fanfic "And Miles To Go" wich is on and absolutly adorable! Rukia ends up catching "a puny human cold" and this is wen Ichigo is carrying her home and debating weather or not to wake her up because of the fifth guy that passed by flashing him a V for victory sighn,