Yeah, this used to be Bleach Games! but that kinda dropped, now at Sugar Coated Strawberries or Sugar Berries for short, we discuss anything and everything IchiRuki, I'm open to IchiRuki guest posts here too, why Sugar Coated Strawberries? Because Ichigo is the strawberry (obviously) and Rukia is the snow (or in this case sugar coating) that goes over it, Strawberries are too sour without sugar coated on them! So now the strawberries are sweeter! So have fun guys!

Would You Rather...

OK! Would you rather... Would you rather kiss Kon or call Byakuya Little Baby Bya?

Wat Happens Next?

So, wat happens next with this scene?

Ichigo is standing on a hollow's head, chatting with Rukia, does the hollow...
A)Polietly ask Ichigo if he was going to stand there all day
B)Jump in the air forcing Ichio to jump off of his head
C)Sweep Ichigo off with an arm of tentical
D)Screech and shake Ichigo off

Who's Line Is It Anyway?!

Who said these lines?!

#1 "Why don't you go hide in the corner, tremble in fear, and yell 'Save me Ichigo! Save me!' like you're supposed to?!"
#2 "Nice Angel,"
#3 "Stupid! Wat do you think I'm trying to do?! Set a world record for how long I can hold my breath!? You nocked the wind outta me! You almost suffocated me to death!!"
#4 "Oh, I see, you can't do it with your hands all bandeged up!"
#5 "Captin? Why are you in my room?"
#6 "You are just a foolish human..."
#7 "Ok Little Brat?"
#8 "A kiss is noting more than a sighn of greeting, I mean there are alot of worse things that can happen to a girl, like in this book I was reading..."
#9 "Why didn't you take me with you?"
#10 "Are you disapointed? You are aren't you? You little pervert!" "I'll drown you!!"

Don't Forget The Lyrics!

The flowers are set alight,
Sparkling, Dancing, Releising a Blue Dream

Two petals from,
The fireworks of dreams,
Fall quitely,
In the sky,

And can you,
Who went away,
To the other side,
See it too?
It's the same light,

My First Post!

The first post on my new world, yay! Alright! You can play the games through comments and posts on your owne world, let's see, the first one is...