Hello and welcome! I, Kenji ish back! After 1 and a half month of being highly sick and inactive (.__.) i has decided to be on XD. as much as possible I will continue submitting high quality wallpaper >:D Anyways have a good day!

"Worrying does not empties TODAY of its troubles, it empties TOMMORROW of its strength."

I ISH B A C K!!!

Ello fellow anime freaks! :DD i ish back! Soo sorry that it took... a month and a half @(.__.)@ i was very sick and wasnt feeling good... anyways enough of that ;D
Today in school I like fell asleep in my 1st 3 classes D: ZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZz.... anyways i guess i'll be on for awhile today. btw anybody got an account in Mabinogi? if not u should get one! :DD best mmorpg yet! oh btw i has new wallpapers and art so check them out! :DD



Hey! My bf told me that he'll be gone for about 34 days! That's a long time and I miss him already :'( So I'm going to update for him. uhm... dunno know what else to say... oh! He told me to submit a wallpaper he left in the computer tomorrow or something like that.

I think the wallpaper is about Luminous Arc 2. He was obsessing about it before he left -___- and also he was talking about the coming of Luminous Arc 3? Sorry I'm not into these kind of stuff. Well then I guess I should stop there, I'm pretty sure I've bored you guys already.

Fail @(-___-)@

Well I tried to submit my past wallpaper in animepaper just yesterday and it got rejected -___-. Jeez, they could at least loosen up a little bit. *sighs* anyways at least it's here so... well, better start vectoring more D:

Since its been what, months? Why not change the theme a bit. I love Luminous Arc! Especially the 2nd one and I can't wait till the 3rd one comes put :DD It's gonna be a blast!! So expect a Luminous Arc wallpaper to come :)


Oh my! it has been a long time! lolol anyways its nice to see some ppl i know are still active here (unlike me XD). suprisingly i still remember my password in here! well anyways hows everybody? good? hope so. life in high school sux -_- theres no time for dilly dallying and things of that nature. as a "I'm bacK!!!" present i created a wallpaper that was suppose to be submitted in animepaper a long time ago and finally i decided to submit here 1st. i might do a little add-ons and mods to the wallpaper for animepaper.net. well anyways i hope u guys like it!

I'm Back!!!

OMG!! Hello anime freaks!! yep, yep, yep im back!! took me long enough! hehe i forgot my password here, so i couldn't get on... yeah., im dumb ^_^" anyways here i am posting my first post since...ETERNITY! Well, a year and a half isn't eternity but sure feels like it!

Well how is everybody? I feel great although I neglect to mention this but, being a freshman sucks and rocks at the same time! I get picked on everyday!! can you believe it? but the good thing is that pre-AP classes are easy and i get random hugs from a really good lookin girl!_! aint that hot! I don't know if i like my school or hate it. I guess I'll just suck it up and deal with school for the next 3 years.

Good news for me is that the Nakakon convention is coming on March 13!! It's my very first visit to a convention, so if you ever been to one tell me whats it like! I have turned in a wallpaper today! not one, but two! thats right!!! TWO!! they're not my very best but its gooD! well anyways check'em out, k?