The Blackness faded away as I yawned. My eyes were half opened as I tryed to stretch my arms, but my arms were stuck to my sides. I tried agian. Nothing. I was fully awake now as I looked around. I was tied to a pole with my hands wrapped tightly in ropes. The room was dark and was lit by a torch on the wall. With the amount of light I have I was able to see a vent on the ceiling, a door, spiderwebs, and messy desk with a old bookshelf next to it. But how did I end up here? The last thing I remembered was being with my sister,Luna, at the orphanage on the slides. I also remeber hearing the faint word " Autumn!" from my sister. Just then, a bang came from the door and a gruff voice disturbed my beautiful memories! " I hope you are enjoying yourself in there. Cause in thirty min we will have the grandist dinner!" and a cackle broke out. The thoughts of cakes, pies, and roasted chicken with other delicacies filled my mind as I smacked my lips. I quickly cleared the thought away. Suddenly I remembered what happened, I was shot by a nightmare bullet causing a nightmare to come to life. And the only way to leave the nightmare is to find my real self! And how will I get myself off this pole!