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So, this is me and this is my world and currently the only world I actually bother to post in.
You probably know me from Chat or the Boards, since those are basically the only places I frequent around here.
I guess to introduce myself, I'll put up some stats about me:
I was born in the Summer of '92, am currently studying Psychology at the University I attend and I am male, as my name already suggests.
I tend to be rather cynical and where I go, sarcasm isn't far behind, but I tend not to be too mean to people unless I think they deserve it. I also love a good joke and I'm open for most things, though I do keep some limitations. (Especially if something seems stupid, and not in the silly/funny way.)
Location wise I can be found in Central Europe, Austria to be a bit more exact.
I guess that's all you need to know to get a (very) general picture of the person I am and am probably going to be towards you.

Just a little summary

I haven't posted in a long time, so I thought I'd make one, see if people are interested.
Well, lately a lot of stuff has happened. My exam week has started today and kjjhfjhgjhds stress, my car was blown up by another car so... R.I.P. first car. AND SUMMER IS COMING. I'm very excited because there's lots of plans!

Also I had frozen yogurt for the first time today. Topped with caramel sauce and strawberries. I love it.

Oh, and, using the insurance money we got for my car, my mother bought herself a second one which is handy 'cause I can drive around now.

Well, that's about it. Lucy is a big dog now. My cats get along with her. Yeah.

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AIM Issues

I had to make a new AIM account since my first one was suspended for no reason that I would be aware of, so don't be surprised if I've re-added you. If you were on my AIM and I haven't, I've probably forgotten the exact handle (That's the downside of setting nicknames) and I'll get to it as soon as you tell me. > >;

Sketches. And stuff. Ten of them.

Ask me to draw whatever (as long as it's material), I'll draw a sketch of it.
There's probably going to be multiple of them on the same page and somewhat combined IN SOME WAY. (Just so I have to use the old Mr. Brain) I hope I can make 10 of them but I'll do my best.

If you make it something really hard to draw I will hunt you down and gut you.

1. Panou drinking tea - Panou
2. A cautious Marionette in a spinach patch - Shishou
3. Reaver jousting on an ostrich with a french baguette - Axel
4. Garu having a staring contest with Paddy - Garu
5. Molly vs. Iz - Variance
6. Anything or anything I'm looking at when I'm drawing - HotRamen2Go
7. Molly as a Master Assassin or feeding me to Giant Dog - Molly
8. Mira either hunting down people or giving them cupcakes - Mira
9. Me and Linku in an epic Duel - Linku
10. Surprise - Chee

Open for everyone until closure. -> ONLY ONE LEFT No mas.

Rapid growth.

So, since Lucy grew a lot since I last posted pictures, here's some more from this morning:

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Dear me.

So my friend and I were talking about sleeping patterns and College.

Friend: "Dude, lectures are a practice in the Walking Dead theology."

I like my friends.