This is my personal blog, where I put my general wonderings, rantings and maybe some pearls of wisdom.

We're all in this together

This is by far the most inspiring video I ever ran into on the internet. The idea is amazing as it is simple. Proof the simple is always better and can touch our hearts.

Spread the word, spread the love. No matter how far you are, with a single gesture you can reach out for someone else's soul and give them a reason to keep going. We simple can't understand yet the power we have within each one of us.

What is Truth? And what is God?

One of my favorite scenes from the good old TV series 'Babylon 5'. G'Kar teaches others of his kind and brings a marvelous understanding of the purpose of faith.

Happy New Year!

I wish happiness, fun, health and lots of laughter for everyone in 2010! 2009 was great, at least for me, but I hopw this new year will be even better!

As for New Year's Resolutions, let me share some of mine with you:

* Be a better friend (I was quite absent to my friends the last year... hope to change that);

* Get my first novel published (needs severe editing, but I can make it this year);

* Get my own place (I think it's time to buy me a nice apartment);

* Study hard for public exams so I can get a stable public job.

Let's do it! 2010 will be great, I sense it!

Secret Santa Event!

Attention! saekimidori is pulling off a Secret Santa Event here on The Otaku! The idea is to gather a lot of people, and had their names shuffled. Person X must come up with a gift to person Y, being it a card, art, literature or whatever you're good at. Sounds cool, reuniting everyone in here.

If anyone feel like joining, remember you must access the following link and comment on it until November 27th:

Secret Santa Event!

So let's do it!

Perfect day

You know those perfect days, when everything happens just the way you’d like them to? You wake up in a good mood; the weather is great, the sun shines after a whole rainy week, and the temperature is just fine; you run into people you like, and even those you don’t know treat you politely; you are the king of the green lights when you’re driving; work is not at all exhausting, and you go home feeling like doing a thousand other things.

Today was one of those days to me, and I couldn’t let that pass without writing down some thoughts. After all, a day isn’t really perfect for a writer if he doesn’t get to write something.

Funny thing is, there are no perfect days at all. Good and bad things happen all the time, and sure, the proportion to which they fill every day change constantly. But, in the end, what really changes is our syntony to them.

Sometimes, we are at such an elevated spirit that, although we face hardships and inconveniences, they go by unnoticed. To wait five, ten minutes in a line when you’re starving is completely irrelevant when you’re feeling great. Now, try to hold on a line for just one minute in face of a bad mood, and then tell me if you didn’t feel like an eternity has passed.

I really wonder how this syntony works, and what can I do to maintain it high. I think part of the trick resides in to thank constantly for everything that happens to you, be it good or bad. To look for the good side in any situation gives a more optimistic view of the world, and encourages you in face of any adversity. But that’s certainly not all. If you feel like sharing with me your secret for achieving happiness, I’m all ears.