This is my little box of FUN! Here I store cool stuff, even the random things found over the Internet that make me laugh. Since I laugh at almost anything, don't be surprised if I overload this place, LOL.


Sometimes I remember why I never change my avatar.

Driving like crazy

I've never actually watched Azumanga Daioh, but Yukari's driving style CRACKS ME UP.

I've seen Himura Kenshin slicing trees with his sword. I've seen Inuyasha take out swarms of demons with Tetsusaiga. I've seen Ulquiorra causing explosions capable of leveling entire cities, but NONE of that is as dangerous as Yukari behind her car's wheel.

Indiana Jones - NO TICKET!

Classic scene from my favorite movie EVER:

Always remember to pay for the ride!

Nazi zombies!!!

OMG, run for your lives, NAZI ZOMBIES!

... or are they? Man, College Humor is the best!

How 'Predator' should have ended

How come TheO doesn't have a category for "Predator"?! Anyway...

HISHE's videos are hilarious! :D