Out Cast ( Chapter 1 Trifling Brithday)

My 10th birthday came fast, but still like the others it suck big time.
“Yay!….no one came again!”
I feel no emotion when I told mom as she was in the kitchen cooking diner.
“I’m going to the store be back soon!”
I yell at my mom as I closed the gate behind me. I can hear my mother yell back at me as I walked by the cars out the other gate, leaning to the road.
“Be careful!”
Like she always tells me. As I turned to see if she was standing in the doorway like usual to make sure nothing happens to me, but the doorway was empty then I saw out of the corner of my eye a shadow right above the door, the attic window.
“Is someone in there?”
I heard myself whisper as I took a step back to the house. Then my black rose watch went off making me jump almost losing my heart, I put my hand on my chest taking a deep breath and then letting it out, then I look at the watch it says 6:40 pm. I take a look at the attic window but the shadow was gone!
“Oh well!”
I thought to myself as I started to run down the street. When I hit the corner, I’d decided, I was too tired to run the whole way. I turned the corner walking looking at my watch and had about 20 minutes.
“I can make it”
I thought to myself. As, I continued to walk, getting closer to the small store, I noticed my light was dieing. I looked at the West Mountains seeing the sun sitting then my watch it saying 7:00pm. I didn’t walk much farther until; I hit the parking lot of the small store.

Out Cast (Intorduction)

I live in a small town, no one has ever heard of, not even on the map, like other samll town's "Forgotten!" You see my grandpartens moved here, less then 400 hun. people lived here in this catbox i like to call it. Well 5 years after they moved here my mother got pranagent with me, the freak or in other words the Out Cast just because i have white hair and two different colord eyes my left green and my other blue. when i was growing up, i heard storys or as u call them rumors and legends of "Vampires and Werewolfs" that they once lived here and maybe still do? I'll start my stroy on the frist day, I run right into "ONE" or should i say "TWO!"