Yin Yang

So! Another Story! Well, this one is an original imaginitive story I had done for English! I think it's pretty good, so I want to know what you all think! TELL ME! And enjoy my story!!

Yin Yang

She wore gigantic black boots that went up to her mid calf. Crawling up the rest of her legs was fishnet, which went up just a bit higher than half way through her thigh. The girl wore a thick black pleated skirt which just barely overlapped the end of the fishnet. The black tank-top she wore was very thin, even though there was the fact it was winter, and was slightly snowing. Her nails were painted a pitch black with a dark blue at the tips, while her arms were laced up with even more fishnet than her legs. She had on an overly-large scarf which was also black. It stuck out from her neck and covered her shoulders. In the girl’s course hair she wore a white band to hold it back.

Lumen was her name, though it wasn’t one she related to whatsoever. She was named as the exact opposite of what she really was—dark.

The snow swirled around her in dense marshmallow-shaped flakes, sticking to her clothes and legs. This made her shiver slightly and squint into the blizzard with her crystal blue eyes as she walked. Wind whipped her jet-black hair out behind her into flailing little arms.

Her arms and legs stung with cold, prickling as if little pieces of ice were trying to dig themselves into her skin. As she trudged through the snow, a small whimpering was just barely audible through the whistling of the wind. Lumen tried to ignore it, not wanting to have to get in the middle of something, but the further she walked, the louder it got.

Soon she saw a form curled up against what was presumed to be a wall of one of the many buildings in the city. She strode up to the shape to find it was a small child, no older than eight, hunched over in the snow with barely a thing on other than white sneakers, a pale soaking-wet T-shirt and blue sweat pants. He was crying badly.

“Hey,” Lumen said casually.

The kid stared up at her. He was scrawny, the bones in his cheeks showing quite well. His eyes were a deep crimson red and his hair silvered color. This caught her off guard, but she didn’t show it. Even his skin was a very pale color. The child’s stare was piercing and somehow dark, ominous, and cunning.

Lumen ignored this and helped the kid up with a harsh pull on his elbow.

“Hey!” he exclaimed, his voice high-pitched and girl-like. He jerked away from her, and started running.

Before he could even get two feet Lumen had had outstretched her leg and tripped him. He fell flat on his face in the snow. She picked him up by the scruff of the neck and set him back on his feet. Roughly dusting off the snow on him, she unwound the scarf around her neck and flashed it out. It was two feet in width. Underneath it there was a necklace holding the white half of the Yin-Yang sign. Giving an irritated look, she wrapped the scarf around the boy.

Lumen started pushing him in the direction she had been going before. She didn’t like exactly being “nice” to people. To her, being indirectly nice is much easier.

“Hey!” the boy cried out again, “Where’re you takin’ me?! Let me go!”

Stopping, she whapped him on the head with her fist, thinking, ‘Why do I always get myself into this mess??’

“I’m bringing you to my house,” she replied coolly, getting a grasp on her scarf he was wearing.

“What?! Let go of me!” He started to struggle, and try to get away.

Lumen looked him in the eyes and slapped him hard in the face. That made him shut up immediately.

Holding his cheek, tears glittered in his eyes as he stared up at her with shock.

“I know you’re a street kid,” Lumen told him, leaving his gaze, “so I’m tryin’ to help you out here. If you don’t want it, fine, but I’m leaving.”

She started to leave in a very hurried fashion. It was growing dark and Lumen needed to get home before then, and for the fact the blizzard was getting even worse than it already was.

The child stared at her and then looked down at the gigantic scarf she had put around him. Gazing back at up to her, she was almost out of site. He rose his arm up. “W-wait!!” he called to her, running as if his life depended on it.