In Love With The New Sensei (Chapters 1-3)

Author's Notes: In Love With The New Sensei Is Extremely Long! It Is Not Finished Yet, But I'll Still Post Some Of It To See What You Guys Think! It Has My Own Character(s) In It, So If You Don't Like OCs Then You Can Go Skip To The Next Story! So Here We Go! I'll Give You The First Three Chapters!!



I walked through the streets of Konoha, totally invisible to everyone there. They all see me as just another, normal junior ninja, wrong. I had become a jounin only a year ago but I make friends and enemies quickly. That’s because of this weird inescapable desire to annoy the crap out of everyone, even people stronger than me, which are few and far between.

My one and only, not-wanting-to-kill-me, friend is Kakashi Hatake. I guess you could say that we both annoy people, him less than me. He’s always late, but no one is ever able to push my buttons other than my know-it-all older sister. I can be in the company of the most annoying person in the world, but it never bugs me. It’s like I have this gigantic button in my brain that is exclusively reserved for my older sis, which she presses often, making me want to strangle her, or just tear her over-inflated head off.

You could say that I hate the color pink, even though it’s my natural hair color. Well, I don’t really hate it but I dye my hair different colors anyways. Some people do look at me funny, but that’s because I love wearing strange clothes. And I can’t forget I dyed my short, spiky hair a neon orange today. Today’s the day I become a sensei, well, for at least a little while. I have to train cell number seven until Kakashi gets back from a mission that was assigned to him. All I know is that he told me that there was the Uchiha on his team, nothing else, which, isn’t very helpful.

I kept walking through the street to see more and more people staring at my dark blue miniskirt, which thankfully I put on super-short shorts under it, and my favorite pair or steel-infused fishnet stockings, another bright orange. Or maybe they were staring at the crimson red bikini top I was wearing under a nice jacket splattered with dark green camouflage. Yeah, I think that one was it, because it was all these teenage guys staring at me.

Coming to the entrance I stopped to run over what Kakashi told me to tell his team—okay, so I spaced out when he was telling me everything—big deal. I shrugged my shoulder and walked out into the forest. I’ve never really thought about the forest, but I usually never think about anything except what I need to do, though I forget that too, a lot. This photographic memory thing I have is pretty cool, except the little curse on it that makes me randomly forget something I was just about say. And no matter how hard I try, I never can remember what I was going to say. Which, in its self, is also kind of a gift, because since people know I forget a lot, I can skip saying something I don’t want to say by just saying, ‘I forgot’, even if I didn’t.

As I came onto a clearing I’ve never seen, I try to think of whom it could be that was on Kakashi’s team other than the Uchiha. Thinking hard, I remember a little tidbit of his long speech, he said something about a super-hyperactive kid that can be totally clueless and annoying. You could say that was exactly like me, except the ‘clueless’ part. If I had any money, I’d bet all of it on Kakashi always, at least, being an hour late for the training with these kids.

I walked casually into the smallish clearing to here some kids talking to each other, or at least it looked like they were talking to each other. A pink-haired girl whacked a shorter kid in orange over the head and yelled at him. I could recognize that hair from anywhere—Sakura. Smiling evilly, I walked more into the clearing, but neither the blonde kid, nor Sakura noticed me—only a raven-haired guy who had the ‘I-don’t-care-about-anything’ look. He was staring right at me. I should announce myself before he spoils my fun; he looks like that kind of person.

“Hey guys! Sorry I’m late!” I yelled to them, which made them turn around to me. Sakura went a chalk white when she saw me, but didn’t say anything. She hates that I’m stronger than her.

“Who are you and what are you doing here?” came the voice of the mellow kid in blue. Now I see that he’s the Uchiha, but I at least thought he’d be much cuter. He also has the stupid, ‘cool-person’ mellow in his voice, which disgusts me on one of my highest levels, right under the voice of a know-it-all.

“You mean Kakashi didn’t tell you?” I said back and he didn’t say anything. Rubbing my temples, I muttered to myself, “Does he always have to leave me with all the explanations?”

“What didn’t Kakashi tell us?!” came the blonde kid’s whiny sounding voice, it actually suited him. He, in my opinion, was much cuter than the Uchiha, must be the hyperactive kid Kakashi was talking about when I zoned on him. That, and when he told me I got to be Sakura’s sensei—if he ever did.
I showed him a kind of happy face, “I’m your new sensei!” The boy looked at me all clueless and confused; he looked even cuter that way.

“What?! We don’t need a new sensei! We already have one! And you don’t look any older than me!”

I showed him a mockingly happy smile, just like the one Kakashi always gave people when they’re annoyed by him. Since we hung out a lot, I guess I picked it up as another one of my little annoyances as well. It always works like a charm to make someone mad. “Yes, you do, because Kakashi went on a mission and isn’t coming back for awhile. And no, I’m not any older than you guys; actually, I’m younger than all of you!!” Both the guys looked at least some-what surprised, but the hyperactive one, seemed more clueless than surprised.
“But—? Who are you?” Spiky Hair said, yeah, that’s what I’ll call him, well at least until I know his real name.

“I’m not telling you guys my name or anything about me until I know stuff about you,” I said annoyingly, wondering how much annoyance they can take. For Sakura, it’s not much to get her mad. Spiky Hair glared at me for a moment but then looked at least a little happy about telling me who he is—not that I care much, most boys are all the same, I’m gonna—blah, blah, blah, I will—blah, blah, blah, I like—blah, blah, blah, all the same.

“I’m Naruto Uzumaki,” he started, “The stuff…” I trailed him off, not wanting to become real bored, but he said stuff that made me listen with interest. “…ramen, plain or with miso, and playing pranks I guess…” Not a ton of stuff he likes, but I got to admit, I like the same exact stuff. “I hate when I have to wait the three minutes to eat the ramen…” Again, not a ton of stuff, but I don’t like that either, and I also don’t like that Uchiha kid, I can tell he doesn’t like him much either. “…and I’m gonna become the next Hokage and earn the respect of all the villagers.”

Wow, he’s a variety of colors, likes ramen and pranks, hates having to wait to eat the ramen he made, and wants to become the Hokage. I’m exactly the same except the ‘earning respect’ part, and becoming Hokage. I could have if I wanted to, but I just didn’t feel like it, though I won’t tell them that. “Okay, good, now you, Uchiha,” I said with boredom. “But first let me guess what you’re gonna say, ‘I am an avenger,’ right? Let me predict more of your boring story so I don’t have to listen to it. ‘I hate everything but like nothing,’ oh, and I can’t forget your stupid dramatic finale, ‘I have promised to kill someone.’ Or whatever, something like that. But I don’t care, no one cares, stop being a drama queen. And yes I called you a drama queen.”

Spiky Hair—I mean—Naruto stared at me in surprise at my huge dislike of the Uchiha, but I could see he liked that. Sakura looked like she couldn’t hold back anymore anger, like her huge head could deflate at any moment. I wouldn’t be surprised if she did—I just dissed the guy she likes—I can see it on her face. That must why she hit Spiky Hair—god—I mean Naruto. I guess he’s stuck with that nickname from me. It’s already tattooed on my brain. Aanywayy, that must be why she hit him, ‘cause he said something bad about Uchiha, or whatever.

Sakura started walking up to me but I just smiled mockingly. “You know you can’t beat me Sakura!” I said but she just kept walking toward me.

“At least I can try!!” she yelled and she ran at me like she was gonna strangle my life out.

I jumped over her, turned around, pulled my right, bottom eye lid down, and stuck out my tongue. “Haha! You can’t catch me! You can’t catch me!” I yell at her as I jump and dodge her every move. Landing on the ground near the edge of the clearing, twenty feet away from the now-panting Sakura, I looked over to Spiky Hair—Naruto—and Uchiha—I still don’t know his first name. They both looked at me, confused and clueless.

How they couldn’t see it—I have no idea—maybe they’re both dumb or something, so I walked over to them to finally tell them who I was—not that it mattered—I like seeing people confused—but I like my friends, enemies, and people I hate—to know my name. I have only one friend that doesn’t get totally annoyed when I’m being annoying. So I pretty much have only one friend. And I can’t forget my oodles of annoyance-loving enemies.

“I bet you guys are really confused!” I say showing a happily annoying face, my own creation…or was it Kakashi’s creation? I guess it doesn’t matter.
“What do you think?! First, we don’t know who you are, and second, Sakura’s been chasing you around like an annoying little twerp!! YOU THINK WE’RE CONFUSED?!” Naruto said as he glared at me—I still don’t care much.

“Well, Spiky Hair, I think you are totally clueless, and I think Uchiha is a completely hopeless drama queen. My name’s Aiyama Haruno. There, you know me. Also, I like letting her chase me around, she thinks I’m completely annoying, but that can be expected, ‘cause she’s my older sister.” After I was done talking, Spiky Hair just looked more confused, and Uchiha looked super mad—good—I annoy him.

“Okayy, but my name isn’t ‘Spiky Hair’ it’s Naruto.”

“Yeah, I know, but you’ll have to get used to it because when something is inside my brain, and I like it—you’re stuck with it. Even if you don’t like it.”

Naruto muttered something, but I couldn’t here what he said. “Fine…” He looked really annoyed, but didn’t say anything more. I hope he’s strong, but I can never get my hopes up about someone. Because I’m always wrong; I’m totally clueless to people’s feelings, unless it’s when they’re annoyed or mad. Only, for some reason, I feel it’s different with him; he just seems like an open book somehow.

Sakura walked over to us, not looking at all happy at the fact that I’m going to be her sensei for a long, torturous time. Even if it’s only like a week or something. That’s like my favorite word, ‘something’; I don’t know why, but it just kinda is. I also like my own little phrase I like saying, and it always annoys people. ‘Deal with it!’ that’s the phrase, and if I say it enough, it can drive anyone mad; even me, if someone else said it a lot.
Everyone went silent, except me. Actually, I did, I started spacing out, thinking about random and different things. I don’t think any of them noticed, but maybe Spiky Hair did. I reviewed what I said to make sure I didn’t say the same thing twice. I wasn’t sure what we were going to do for training, so I just thought some more. Soon I came up with the idea to test their skills; not Sakura’s, Uchiha’s and Spiky Hair’s. I’m full of plagiarized ideas, I just change them a little bit, just a smidge. Though I can’t remember where I got this idea, I might have actually thought it up myself. That’s a one in a million chance.