The lost doll

Author's comment: This story was born after I had a dream that I lost one of my dolls in the sewers. I was 10 when I wrote this. It's very random. Here we go!

There once was a girlwho lived in an orphanage. Her name was Desiree. She felt like an outcast at the orphanage so she decided to run away. She deicided to climb down a window (with a rope). The next day everyone went searching for her, but there was nothing left of her (in the area of course).

Desiree was walking not really knowing where to go, her only doll in hand. Suddenly, she saw some people working in a hole on the street. When they left she saw they had left a small canoe behind she also discovered that the hole they had been working on was a ctually an underground river. It wasn't a very clean river but there was enough water to travel through it with the canoe. She dumped the canoe through the hole and down the whole she went as well.

Then she began to row and row and row until she fell asleep. When she did, her doll fell in the water. Her doll was alive so (instead of going back in the boat), she began to swim and swim until she found the exit from the underground river. When she did , she went outside to see what she could find.

When Desiree woke up she saw her doll was no longer there, so she began to cry and cry. She also cried because she was scared. She couldn't find the exit and everything was dark, there was only one tiny lightbulb.

After a long while she finally found the exit and made it to the city.She walked around the streets. People were very rude. She got kidnapped but she was able to rather escape quickly. Meanwhile, the doll was at a parking lot. A car almost kills her. After Desiree espcaped from her kidnapper she realized how alone in this world she was without her doll, Stacie. This made Desiree cry and cry and cry. While she was crying she saw a cat almost as big as a tiger. Since she bored and alone she decided to follow it. The cat walked until he got inside a building. The it went inside and got in the elevator. Desiree did as well. When they made it to the upper floor they went inside the office of Dr. Johnson. The Doctor saw her and asked her: "Hae you been crying? Why?". Desiree answered: "Because I lost my doll and I can't find her". While this conversation took place the cat left. The Doctor told the girl that he could find her doll if she found his cat, Warren.

Desiree found the cat quickly but before she could return it to his owner a ver bad man from the street stole the little girl's bag. She was shocked and perhaps confused but she didn't cry this time. Desiree was becoming strong. After that little episode she went back inside the building and inside Dr. Johnson's office. He was already there, with Desiree's doll in hand. Now Dr. Johnson asked the girl: "Where are your parents?". "I don't have parents"-Desiree replied. He decided that he and his wife should adopt her. So they did and Desiree was very happy with her doll and the cat and her new family.

The End.