The Test

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Author's comment: This story is a little bit weird. The main character is a little bit unstable.

Once upon a time there was a little girlwho had to study for a test but hated studying. She sighed: "I have a test tomorrow but I'm not going to do that". Her mother overheard this and scolded her, telling her she had to study. The little girl threw a tantrum. She cried, she screamed. While she was doing this, she thought: "Wait a minute I can pretend I'm studying while mom's looking at me but when she's not I'll play with my toys!" Suddenly she stopped crying and said: "O.k mommy I'll study". Her mom got very happy and kissed her. She took her toys and went to the living room where she them and pretended to study.

She decided she would review what was on her notebook while her mother vaccumed the living room. When her mom left she began playing. After some hours she noticed her mom was cleaning the bathroom quite thoroughly. She asked her mom if she could stop studying and play. Her mom answered: "O.k you can play but first you should take a shower. I'm done cleaning the bathroom. I'll do the laundry now". Listening to her mom made the girl, whose name was Gina, feel stressed so she replied: "Why don't you take a shower yourself?!". This made Gina's mom feel stressed so she began scolding and yelling at Gina. She told Gina that she had to shower and that after she showered ahe had to go stand in the corner. Once again these things were making the little girl feel very stressed. She hated school, she hated showering and above all she hated THE CORNER. But she decided that she would do the right thing this time. She took a shower. However when she was done dressing up she told her mom she was tired of standing in the corner and asked if she could leave the corner already. Since her mom was busy doing the laundry she agreed

At night Gina's mom told her: "It's 8:00pm dear, time to sleep" Gina answered: "O.k, I'll go to sleep". Then she looked around. Her room was a mess. She thought: "I don't want to tidy my room! But above all I don't wanna wash my teeth!!! So I won't do it". She went to sleep. Gina's mom went to her room to check up on her and saw an enormous mess of mega blocks all over the floor. When she was about to wake the girl up she also realized the terrible bad breath that was coming from her daughter. She woke Gina up she made her clean up the mess in her room and she washed her daughter's mouth herself. Then she asked Gina the date of that test she was studying for. Gina told her the test was tomorrow. Her mom asked her if she knew the material, Gina answered: "Of course I do, I studied." Gina's mother trusted her so she read her a story and said goodnight.

The next day Gina's mom woke her up. Gina got ready, she went to school, met up with her best friend Aria, took all her classes and finally it was her last class the class she had a test of! It was science class. Miss Roberts was the teacher. She had dark skin, curly hair, green eyes and always wore a dress. Aria had studied a lot, quite the opposite of Gina. The teacher gave out the exams. Gina was like:"Easy! I know this stuff". So she did the test like whatever and thought: "Aced it".

Gina was the first to give the test back to the teacher, since it had only taken her a few minutes to answer. The teacher decided to grade it right there and now since she wasn't really doing anything on her desk. After a little while she gave it back to Gina, the grade? F. When Gina saw that she threw yet another tantrum. The teacher was surprised, since at school Gina was usually quiet, so she decided she would repeat the test to Gina the next day. When Gina's mom came to pick her up Miss Roberts told her what had happened. Gina told her mom the truth about all her playing around instead of studying. Her mother was quite disappointed. Her daughter had lied to her. But of course she forgave her daughter and helped her study. The next day early in the morning she took the test. The teacher graded it. This time Gina got an A-. She was happy and told her mom she would never do those things again. From now on she'd be a responsible daughter! But of course when she got home she started playing again. This time it was o.k because she had no homework.The next day some other teacher from some other class announced they'd have a test soon. When Gina got home she studied for this coming test. When she was done she took a shower and then she played with her toys.

The End