The lonely frog

Author's comment: I wrote this story when I was nine years old for a school contest. I won 3rd place!I was happy, a tad disappointed though, considering first place is always better... But guess who got 1st place? My sister! So I guess it's all good.

Once upon a time, there was a frog that was always alone. One day he decided to talk to the moon and ask it where he could find some friends. The moon told him: "You will always have me as a friend. You can talk to me every single night no matter where you are. However I believe you should go get other friends".

The next day the frog went on a journey to find friends. It didn't take him long to find a beautiful butterfly who had landed on a daisy. "Do you wanna be friend?", asked the frog. The butterfly answered: "No! You ugly. Plus you could eat me at any given moment, hmph!". The frog left feeling quite down.After many many days of walking through the forest he found a very nice elf. The elf looked at the frog and asked: "Do you wanna be my friend?". The frog happily answered: "With pleasure!". Together they played all day long and talked about their lives. When the moon finally came out at night the frog yelled: "Hello moon! I got myself a friend!" The moon replied: "Oh I'm glad that you have a new friend!"