The band of mermaids

Whoah, I just went to my room to get the "manuscript" of this story and whoa! I wrote a lot more stories than I thought, hahaha. It makes me happy. Anyway I was around six when I wrote this one. A lot of things make no sense (in fact I had to add some sentences to make it a little bit more sensible). Enjoy!

Once upon a time, there was a bunch of mermaids that wanted to welcome a new mermaid. They told her they wanted to welcome her and she got very happy. They were going to welcome her with music. So they started practicing. Some practiced with trumpets, other practiced the drums and other mermaids practiced the tambourine, etc... When the welcoming day finally arrived all the mermaids were very upset because they hadn't practice enough. They were so worried that they got to the welcoming place late, all the other mermaids and mermen (that had come to see them pay their instruments to welcome the new mermaid), were complaining. This made the group of mermaids even more nervous. They began playing but the show was a disaster. One of the little mermaids even broke her trumpet! The new mermaid, whose name was Clara was sad. The other mermaids noticed so they decided to do the show again. But this time they practiced for weeks!

The day of the second show arrived but almost no mermaid or merman went to see the show. This made the little mermaids sad but they performed and they did it beautifully this time. Everyone in the audience loved the show! Now they were all happy. Except for one thing, some of the mermaids in the first show had not wanted to participate in the second show so they had had to get some new friends for the second show. When the show was over, Renneethe one of the yellow tail, said: I wish you all good luck. Mandy, the mermaid with glasses said: That was our band, YEAH! They all laughed.


Author's comment: This story was weird and way longer than I remembered. I thought it was just one line long. But then I remembered the original story was just one line long and also very boring so I threw it away and wrote it again the same week. Back in the 90's.