Hello everyone! Welcome to the Story Book world! As a kid I always had this dream of becoming a published author so I wrote plenty of short stories that were not very good... I still have them but I think I might throw them away soon so I'm going to post them here along with a picture that matches the story. I'll make the pictures with my tablet so I can improve 'cause that tablet hates me. Kidding! Anyway I hope you enjoy my little short stories!

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The kids who thought they were pirates

Author's comment: Either those kids were construction geniuses or this story mekes no sense at all. Actually even if they were geniuses the story still makes no sense. But still one of the best stories I wrote too. I feel like I ended the story waaay too abruptly and I think I must've noticed because I later on wrote a part 2 of the story. I wrote this one when I 10yrs old. Like most of the stories I wrote as a kid. Enjoy. Post comment if you read it!

The kids who thought they were pirates

There once was a group of boys who loved to play together and pretend they were pirates. One day Elliot suggested: “We should build a boat with the wood my dad gave me! Playing pirates will be a lot more fun that way. ”
But Vaughn said: “Wouldn’t it be better if we actually go to the beach and sail away?!”
“That sounds great! And we can take Lorinda with us and force her to cook for us!”- replied Belly (once of the boy’s name was Belly).
“Alright! Let’s get our boat ready!” –yelled Marty and they all started working
While they were working, Belly asked: “Who’s going to bring fishing nets and how are we going to convince Lorinda to come with us?”
“I can bring fishing nets but there is no way I’m dealing with Lorinda!”-replied Marty
None of the boys wanted to deal with her, she was mean. But in one way or the other Vaughn was forced to go deal with her because he was the wimpiest of the group.
So Vaughn ended up having to walk all the way to Lorinda’s house and deal with her.
“What do you want?”-said Lorinda when she saw him
“Uh… Lorinda! We’re building a boat and we’re going to take you and force you to cook for us whether you like it or not!”-replied Vaughn
“No you’re not! Loser!”
Vaughn grabbed her with kidnapping intentions but she wrestled away after fighting for a little while Vaughn got tired and told her: “If you go I’ll give you five dollars”. Lorinda liked the idea so she joined the group.
The day finally arrived. They were leaving at six in the morning so their parents wouldn’t notice. All they left to their parents was a note that said: “Mom and dad I love you very much”. After that they got together and set sail. Everything was going smoothly somehow they had managed to sail to very deep parts of the ocean and this was what caused their adventure to be cut short. For two very silly pirates saw them in the distance and confused the children for real pirates! So what did the silly pirates do? They sent the kids flying with two cannon balls. Luckily, non-of the children died but the boat did. Each child took a piece of wood from the destroyed boat and managed to float. Then the pirates realized that these were only children so they took them back to their parents. Their parents were so mad each one found a way to punish their child. No more video games for Vaughn, mental therapy for Belly, Lorinda had to stay in her room and the rest just got spanked.

The End

Childhood unfinished project: FINISHED!

Hey guys!!! I had been wanting to do this like for six months! Here's the story, when I was a kid my parents loved to go on long car rides and I would get seriously bored. One time my cousins got me some really cool colored pencils with animal pencil tops. I loved those colored pencils so much I took them with me on the car trip we to some days after they gave them to me. In the car I started doing drawing drafts for a story I wanted to write later. But I never got around doing it. I just saved the drafts in the tube the colored pencils came in. The good news are that I loved those pencils SO MUCH I kept them forever and took good care of them so I still have them and guess what's still inside?! The drafts! This is how some of my drawing drafts looked (Yep! I drew THAT ugly when I was a little girl! But I loved it and still do):

External Image

I've decided that today will be the day I finally put this story in writing! The title is: Do not touch this box because it was one of the little notes written on the drafts.

The characters are the following:
1. The princess
2. The witch
3. The prince (I was too lazy to take pics of drafts with him on it. He was kinda ugly. lol. Never been good at drawing guys...)
4. The Butterfly
5. The Star

Title: Do not touch that box!

Once upon a time there was an adventurous little princess who's best friend was a giant butterfly. One beautiful morning they went out into the woods and found an old black castle. They walked around it and the princess found a mysterious looking box. It was black with a flower made of precious stones embedded in the center. The box had a note, it clearly said: Do not touch this box. However the little princess told heerself: "But it's soooo pretty! How can I refrain?". The butterfly told her: "Let's see what's inside! What's the worst that could happen?". The princess opened the box. A strong light blided them and a strong wind pushed them back. Then suddely it was over.

The princess looked around her nothing seemed different. "You see, nothing happened!"-said the butterfly and they laughed only to be interrupted by a floating, shiny, blue star. "Something horrible did happen!"-said the star. "You just unleashed the witch!". "What are you saying?"-asked the princess and the butterfly. "A long time ago there was an evil witch, the owner of this castle, I fought her and sealed her inside that box, however I accidentally sealed myslef in it too~ Now I'm free but we have to do something about the witch before she resumes her evil dealings again."

The princess and the butterfly apologized and promised the star they would help him stop the witch. When they went inside the castle they instantly fell into the witches trap. She trapped in separate cages. Then she got a really big pot and began to concoct a beauty potion so no one would recognize her. Part of this concoction was the flower that had been the seal on the box.

After she was done with that she would cook the princess and her friends and feed them to her minions. While she was planning these things she heard someone in the woods. The witch looked out the window and saw a very handsome prince. She quickly drank the beauty potion and transformed into a very beautiful girl. Inside, however, she was still a rotten witch.

Knocking was suddenly heard. It was the prince. The witch opened the door and said hello. He told her he was looking for the princess. "Her dad told me she was exploring in the woods and I figured I should join her."-said the prince. This enraged the witch! She wanted attention! So she put a spell on him. Instantly making the prince fall in love with her! He asked her out on a date and she agreed. They left, leaving the captive princess, butterfly and star behind.

This gave them time, or so they thought. The witch told the prince she had left something inside, quickly came back and with her witch powers transferred the princess to the boiling pot and left. The princess was now burning. The butterfly and star were panicking but the butterfly managed to escape and pull the princess up and right out of the boiling pot! The princess was safe! And because the witch never waited for the beauty potion to finish cooking while she was on her date the effects wore out and she went back to her witchy self, green skin and everything. When the prince saw her the spell broke, he scowled.
He couldn't believe her.

The witch was actually devastated. The butterfly flew over there and told him what had happened. In the mean time the princess had helped the star out of captivity. The prince, princess, star and butterfly left and the witch went back to her castle, alone and bored. Her self esteem was so low after seeing how the prince scowled at her unsightly look that she decided to stay inside her castle without ever coming out again or trying to cook anyone ever again.

This is kinda how the story would've gone! Don't forget to comment!!Thanks for reading!

The Black Shadow

Author's Comment: I wrote this little "horror story" when I was 11. I think this was the only Horror I ever did! Is the drawing too violent? Enjoy! And let me know what you think!

There once were three friends. The youngest was Janey, she was ten. The middle one was Caroline, she was eleven years old. The oldest one was Susan, twelve years of age. Caroline lived with her grandparents. The three girls loved to hang around Caroline’s grandfather because he was fun and made them lots of stories.

One day he told the girls the story of The Black Shadow. A Shadow that comes out at night and eats people! The girls didn’t buy the story but they kept quiet. One day the girls decided to spend the night at Caroline’s house. None of them could sleep so they decided to leave the house and walk in the dark streets of the city to see if they could meet this so-called-Black Shadow. They left the house at 11:00pm. They wanted some time to find it because they thought that perhaps the sun scared the Black Shadow away, if it was real of course.

As the girls walked the streets it began to rain, they started getting nervous when suddenly something stood in front of them! Phew, it was just a fat old lady. This fat old lady kept walking, she went into a dark alley. A few seconds later the girls heard screaming come from that exact dark alley. “The Black Shadow!”-yelled the girls at once. However, phew! False alarm. The old lady had simply tripped and screamed in fear she might fall and hurt her brittle hips. “I guess there’s nothing to be afraid of”-said Susan. They kept walking, again they heard screams. “It probably another false alarm”-said Caroline-“I’ll go check it out”. When she went to the alley were the screams had been heard from Caroline was instantly paralyzed. When the other two noticed something was up with Caroline they went to see if she was o.k and at same moment Caroline could resist no longer. She began screaming in agitation and the Black Shadow ate her.

When Susan and Janey saw this they left running but it was too late: The Black Shadow had taken notice of them and it was after them! Because it was raining and Susan had had the splendid idea of wearing high heels she fell down so the Shadow ate her as well. Janey was wearing sneakers so she was able to run until the sun came up. When this happened Janey realized that the Shadow was not a Shadow but a black monster. As the sun came out the monster melted away. All the people he had eaten, including Susan and Caroline, were slowly being freed as the monster became smaller and smaller and more of his melted blob wasted away. When it stopped melting only a small black creature remained. Janey ran after it and took it for herself since it was helpless now that he had melted. Janey felt sorry for it.

When they finally got home Grandpa asked them: “Where have you been? We were worried.” The girls answered: ”We were looking for the Black Shadow.” Grandpa replied: “You know it’s not real. It’s just a story.”

The end

Buttons, Buttons, Buttons

Author's comment: I was 9 years old when I wrote this one. I wrote it after I had a dream that I was supposed to collect 100 buttons before I turned 15 or I would die! ***BTW I have no idea where I got the name of the store in this story... As a child I was very fond of making up words so I'm pretty sure it's just another made-up word.

There once was a girl named Amelia who had a dress she loved. The print in the fabric of this dress was buttons. This dress inspired her to create an original dress. Her dress would have real buttons sewn to it instead of a print. She didn't have buttons at her house for the dress so she went house-to-house asking for buttons. When her mom found out she got very mad. She scolded her saying: "What are you doing bothering your neighbors? I can take you to a store to buy buttons and thread!". Amelia answered: "O.k mom, you don't have to yell at me". Her mother, Juliet, answered: "Before we go to the store you'll stand in the corner for five minutes, missy". Amelia humbly accepted her punishment.

After five minutes of standing Amelia's mom took her to a store called Telbot to buy the things the girl needed for her dress, buttons and fabric. Amelia chose 100 buttons and three yards of yellow fabric. After they paid for the materials Amelia began running to get to her house quickly. In the process she fell down. Once again her mom scolded her, telling her it was her own fault for being so impatient. When they finally got home Amelia startes sewing like there was no tomorrow. She finished her dress and it came out rather pretty. After looking at the finished product she began sewing the buttons all over the dress.

After she was done sewing all those buttons she showed the dress to her mom and said: "Look mommy, look how pretty my dress is!". Her mom was shocked, she found the dress too extravagant. The next day Amelia put her dress on and went to the park with her mom.