Hello everyone! Welcome to the Story Book world! As a kid I always had this dream of becoming a published author so I wrote plenty of short stories that were not very good... I still have them but I think I might throw them away soon so I'm going to post them here along with a picture that matches the story. I'll make the pictures with my tablet so I can improve 'cause that tablet hates me. Kidding! Anyway I hope you enjoy my little short stories!

Table of Contents

Buttons, Buttons, Buttons

Author's comment: I was 9 years old when I wrote this one. I wrote it after I had a dream that I was supposed to collect 100 buttons before I turned 15 or I would die! ***BTW I have no idea where I got the name of the store in this story... As a child I was very fond of making up words so I'm pretty sure it's just another made-up word.

There once was a girl named Amelia who had a dress she loved. The print in the fabric of this dress was buttons. This dress inspired her to create an original dress. Her dress would have real buttons sewn to it instead of a print. She didn't have buttons at her house for the dress so she went house-to-house asking for buttons. When her mom found out she got very mad. She scolded her saying: "What are you doing bothering your neighbors? I can take you to a store to buy buttons and thread!". Amelia answered: "O.k mom, you don't have to yell at me". Her mother, Juliet, answered: "Before we go to the store you'll stand in the corner for five minutes, missy". Amelia humbly accepted her punishment.

After five minutes of standing Amelia's mom took her to a store called Telbot to buy the things the girl needed for her dress, buttons and fabric. Amelia chose 100 buttons and three yards of yellow fabric. After they paid for the materials Amelia began running to get to her house quickly. In the process she fell down. Once again her mom scolded her, telling her it was her own fault for being so impatient. When they finally got home Amelia startes sewing like there was no tomorrow. She finished her dress and it came out rather pretty. After looking at the finished product she began sewing the buttons all over the dress.

After she was done sewing all those buttons she showed the dress to her mom and said: "Look mommy, look how pretty my dress is!". Her mom was shocked, she found the dress too extravagant. The next day Amelia put her dress on and went to the park with her mom.