Hello everyone! Welcome to the Story Book world! As a kid I always had this dream of becoming a published author so I wrote plenty of short stories that were not very good... I still have them but I think I might throw them away soon so I'm going to post them here along with a picture that matches the story. I'll make the pictures with my tablet so I can improve 'cause that tablet hates me. Kidding! Anyway I hope you enjoy my little short stories!

Table of Contents

The three dolls and the giant

Author's comment: I wrote this when I was 9yrs old! WOW! Old! Hahahaha as I was re-writing this I thought this was like an Attack on titan for very young kids!!lololololol
You see that old lady in the pic? She was supossed to be one of the three dolls but... she ended up coming out like that... :(

The three dolls and the giant

Once upon a time there was a little girl, four years old, who love toys very much. She had plenty, but there were three dolls that were her personal favorite. Ruby was a doll with beautiful curly copper hair and blue eyes. Marlyn had straight black hair and green eyes. Sharlotte had blonde hair with brown eyes. Something that the little girl didn’t know was that every time she left her room the dolls came to life!

Although the dolls loved their owner, Melinda, very much they were a little bit bored of living in her bedroom. They wanted to see the outside world! Meet new toys! The dolls designed an escape plan. At night they climbed one on top of the other in order to take the house keys from the mom’s drawer. Then, they made their way out of the house and into Toyland! (A toy store).

There they met many new dolls! However the new dolls warned them there was a giant in the store! And at that exact moment… boom! The giant showed up! “Oh no!”- The dolls yelled. “Who are these invaders?” asked the giant. “I’ll just eat them then! Bwhahahahahaha!” The dolls started running and running but in a matter of seconds the giant grabbed all three of them with his gigantic hand! He tossed them in a cauldron and began cooking them. When suddenly he felt hard marbles hitting him on his back! It was painful and it angered him. He turned and saw one of the dolls had come out of her box to try to help the other dollies! But then again the dolly looked so pathetic the giant started laughing, took the three out of the cauldron and put them in his mouth. Creepy. The dolls began crying and crying. The giant suddenly felt something he had never felt before, compassion. So he took them out of his mouth and decided not to eat them. The giant had a change of heart and the dollies were able to go back home!

The End

Babies in the hospital

Author's comment: Dang. Kidnapping, really??? What was I thinking when I was 10?!?! This story is nonsense, lol~~~~ But at the same time kinda funny.

Title: Babies in the hospital

Once upon a time during December there was a girl named Juliet, she was only five and had no friends. Everyone in her class was always complaining about how useless she was. Because of this the only person she had to spend time with was her mom. Her mom had a friend, her name was Seiko, and she was married and soon to have a baby. This made Juliet very happy. Juliet was so excited she helped the baby’s mom get the room ready for the baby. The room looked beautiful! Together they chose the baby’s name. Seiko would name her baby Mona.
Sadly, Seiko had some complications during her pregnancy and she was hospitalized. Juliet’s mom and Juliet went to visit her but they wouldn’t let Juliet inside because she was only five. You had to be thirteen or older to visit patients. So Juliet’s mom irresponsibly abandoned her at the boring waiting room.
Some minutes passed and Juliet was hopelessly bored. So she got up and went to the bathroom. Juliet always carried a twelve-inch ruler to protect herself. In the bathroom she saw a seven year old boy who had come inside with his mom. This irritated Juliet. She went to him and spanked him with her ruler. The boy and his mom were shocked by this girl’s antics.
“Where’s your mom?”-asked the boy’s mother
“Oh, it’s her.”-said Juliet while pointing at some random lady in the restroom
When the boy’s mom went to the lady to complain the lady told her that was not her daughter. Then Juliet started laughing and said: “Hehehe. Guess what?”
“What is it?”-said the irritated boy’s mom
“I LIED!!! Pfff-hahahahaha!”-said Juliet
“I noticed.”- said the boys mom while leaving Juliet behind.
Juliet went back to the waiting room until her mom arrived. When she did, Juliet told her of her little adventure. Her mom was upset and gave her a good scolding. But Juliet didn’t listen she was too busy planning her next treacherous act.
The day for Seiko to give birth finally arrived, everything went well and she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. Juliet’s mom went to visit. Juliet was stuck in the waiting room again but this time she came prepared. She brought a baby stroller, with a doll as a decoy. She also stole her mother’s keys. While her mom was visiting Juliet managed to somehow enter the place where they keep all the babies and you will never believe what she did. She kidnapped Mona along with another baby girl and a baby boy. She placed them in the stroller and took off home, which was quite close to the hospital.
This created chaos because soon someone in charge noticed the babies were gone and Juliet’s mom noticed her kid was also gone too. She thought Juliet had been kidnapped but instead, dear Juliet was the crazed kidnapper. When her mom found Juliet home with all the babies she freaked! Juliet’s actions brought terrible consequences upon everybody, especially her irresponsible mother. But within a year everything was cleared up and fixed. Mona and Juliet became good friends but Seiko would always keep an eye on Juliet while the girl’s played together.

The End

Napoleon's stomach

Author's comment: Heeeey everybody!! Remember this story? Napoleon's teeth. (Yeah I made it in awful still animation mode, it was my first still animation video and the only one I've done so far... Hopefully one day I'll make more~~).

External Image

Well this, Napoleon's stomach is part two of that story. You know, same little boy, same lying habits, same getting awkward helth condition. But I think this one was cuter than the first one. Or maybe the same. Hehehe. Did I ever mention the Napoleon stories are based on my Cabbagge Patch dolly, Napoleon??? I love CPK's I still have all of mine! Yay!!! For room full of old toys!! The dolly you see above is my dolly Napoleon! I wrote this when I was 11 years old! GASPS!! I was on my way to teenhood, noooooooooooo!! Hehe! That means this was one of the last stories I wrote when I was little!!

Title: Napoleon's stomach

One day Napoleon and his best friend Farley were enjoying recess at the school’s yard. Napoleon was eating a slice of pizza and Farley was eating a sandwich. Suddenly they noticed a chicken in the school’s yard. They ran after it and sadly Napoleon’s slice of pizza fell to the ground. But guess what he did? He picked it up from the ground and finished it. His mom always told him not to eat things from the ground, but did he listen? No!
After two days he began to feel an unbearable pain in his stomach. When he woke up that morning he told his mom: “Mom, I don’t think I can go to school…”. “Why?”- Napoleon’s mom answered.

“My belly hurts…”

“Hmmm, maybe I should take you to the doctor”

Napoleon’s pain was so strong he fell asleep again and began to have a horrible nightmare about parasites eating his stomach. But then more and more appeared and ate his entire body! He woke up reeling. He went to the kitchen and told his mom that he felt better now, so there was no need to go to the doctor. He lied. He felt terrible, but he was afraid of the doctor.

“Well if you feel better then you can eat breakfast!”-said his mom

“Actually, I can’t. I’m not hungry”-answered Napoleon

Napoleon’s pain was so strong he couldn’t eat. A minute after lying to his mom, Napoleon did some rethinking. He remembered his dream and he realized that his best option was to tell his mom the truth. If he did, he’d go to the doctor and the pain would go away. He went back to his mom and told her the truth. Napoleon’s mom explained to him that he shouldn’t lie or be afraid of the doctor. Afterwards they went to the doctor, where he was diagnosed with intestinal parasites. Then the doctor prescribed some medication for his problem and gave him a lollipop. Now Napoleon was happy and in no time feeling a lot better!

The End

Now check it out!!! This was the original drawing on the cover!! My art was so disastrously bad when I was 11!! I've never been good at this! But it's so much fun I can't give up! Plus I thought it was kinda cute, except that my camera sucks so this pic of it could not be more blurry~~ You know what made me think it was cuter than what I already thought the fact that I noticed my dad couldn't stop silently looking at it! He didn't say anything but I could see him trying to figure out what it was, teehee!!

External Image

The kids who thought they were pirates

Author's comment: Either those kids were construction geniuses or this story mekes no sense at all. Actually even if they were geniuses the story still makes no sense. But still one of the best stories I wrote too. I feel like I ended the story waaay too abruptly and I think I must've noticed because I later on wrote a part 2 of the story. I wrote this one when I 10yrs old. Like most of the stories I wrote as a kid. Enjoy. Post comment if you read it!

The kids who thought they were pirates

There once was a group of boys who loved to play together and pretend they were pirates. One day Elliot suggested: “We should build a boat with the wood my dad gave me! Playing pirates will be a lot more fun that way. ”
But Vaughn said: “Wouldn’t it be better if we actually go to the beach and sail away?!”
“That sounds great! And we can take Lorinda with us and force her to cook for us!”- replied Belly (once of the boy’s name was Belly).
“Alright! Let’s get our boat ready!” –yelled Marty and they all started working
While they were working, Belly asked: “Who’s going to bring fishing nets and how are we going to convince Lorinda to come with us?”
“I can bring fishing nets but there is no way I’m dealing with Lorinda!”-replied Marty
None of the boys wanted to deal with her, she was mean. But in one way or the other Vaughn was forced to go deal with her because he was the wimpiest of the group.
So Vaughn ended up having to walk all the way to Lorinda’s house and deal with her.
“What do you want?”-said Lorinda when she saw him
“Uh… Lorinda! We’re building a boat and we’re going to take you and force you to cook for us whether you like it or not!”-replied Vaughn
“No you’re not! Loser!”
Vaughn grabbed her with kidnapping intentions but she wrestled away after fighting for a little while Vaughn got tired and told her: “If you go I’ll give you five dollars”. Lorinda liked the idea so she joined the group.
The day finally arrived. They were leaving at six in the morning so their parents wouldn’t notice. All they left to their parents was a note that said: “Mom and dad I love you very much”. After that they got together and set sail. Everything was going smoothly somehow they had managed to sail to very deep parts of the ocean and this was what caused their adventure to be cut short. For two very silly pirates saw them in the distance and confused the children for real pirates! So what did the silly pirates do? They sent the kids flying with two cannon balls. Luckily, non-of the children died but the boat did. Each child took a piece of wood from the destroyed boat and managed to float. Then the pirates realized that these were only children so they took them back to their parents. Their parents were so mad each one found a way to punish their child. No more video games for Vaughn, mental therapy for Belly, Lorinda had to stay in her room and the rest just got spanked.

The End

When Charlotte & Bianca went to the moon

Author's comment: I recently went to the museum of natural history in NYC and this story instantly came to mind! I was like "this is definitely the next story I'll post!" Anyway the museum was amazing! It has changed from the last time I was there but it's still great and some parts are completely the same as last time. O.k as for the art and story... Yes flying bicycles. E.T style! lol. I think the art I made for this post is a tad plain but trust me that bicycle took most of my morning. You know I suck at drawing with my tablet. It takes me sooo long! And I was using reference. (This one to be exact). But I still like the out come even if it's too plain! As for the story, well there are a lot of things that make zero sense. Also I changed a few details from the original to make it less draggy and less retarded but a little bit more fun. Still a very retarded story but personally I think it's one of the best stories I've posted so far. Eeeh~~~

Title: When Charlotte and Bianca went to the moon

Once upon a time there were two girls. Bianca was the youngest, she was 9 years old. Charlotte was the other, she was ten. These two were friends and they loved to star gaze. They also loved to go on adventures.
One day Bianca was watching the news and they said that midnight there would be a meteor shower at midnight. The girls planned a sleepover together so they could sneak out and see it!

“We’ll see a lot of falling stars tonight!”-said Charlotte

“Yeah! And we’ll see the moon running with the stars!!!”-said Bianca

The sleepover was to be held at Bianca’s place so Charlotte left home at 6:00pm and went to over to Bianca’s on her bike.

At midnight they snuck out. The sky was beautiful there were so many beautiful falling stars and you could see them so clearly! Like never before! The girls got on their bikes and took off at such as speed they were suddenly flying! Up, up in the sky! They kept on riding their bikes in the sky they went straight to the moon. They said hi to the moon and the moon told them to feel free to also go to talk to the planets and play with the stars. After talking to the moon for a bit they left and went to the planets. But the planets weren’t very nice so they just left and went to the stars. Now the stars, they were a trip! They played with them for a while but the stars were too crazy so the girls went back to the moon. After two seconds the stars came after the girls and began pulling on their clothes so they would play with them again, the stars were very childish. The girls went back to playing with the stars.

When the planets saw this they got jealous and changed their mind. Now they wanted to join them and they did. They also played with other types of celestial bodies. They even discovered that the Milky Way Galaxy as a whole was alive and had a very nice personality and well of course inside her where all the others they had met.

“Well, I think we should get going”-said Charlotte.

“Oh, before you leave… There is someone we would like you to meet.”-said the Moon.

“Who?”-asked the girls.

“The Queen of Stars, Supernova!”-said the stars.

The girls suddenly saw a huge stellar explosion in the distance and then there she was… the Supernova remnant, the Queen. She was beautiful! But they couldn’t get too close to her.

“Hohohoho! Rise and shine!”- a thick evil voice was suddenly heard.

“Oh no! It’s the sun!”- the girls said. “We have to go!!!”

They took their bikes and off they went, but it was too late. Their parents had already noticed that they had snuck out and grounded them the moment they came back.

The end.