Hello everyone! Welcome to the Story Book world! As a kid I always had this dream of becoming a published author so I wrote plenty of short stories that were not very good... I still have them but I think I might throw them away soon so I'm going to post them here along with a picture that matches the story. I'll make the pictures with my tablet so I can improve 'cause that tablet hates me. Kidding! Anyway I hope you enjoy my little short stories!

Table of Contents

Candy Canes, Gingerbread houses and Gingerbread boys

Author's comment: Ahahahaha talk about plot twist! I was such a crazy little girl! I actually like this story, I give myself an A+. lol. I wrote this one when I was 10yrs old and out of all the stories this was the one I had forgotten the most and the one that was the funnest to re-read because it was ironic and made no sense so it made me laugh XD

Ok so recently one of my professors saw my art and told me it was really good and to protect it from art thieves so Imma say this: As always in this blog story and art by ME! Please do not take without permission or claim it your own.

Going back to the subject, I can't believe my professor liked my aaaart!! WHoooo! I was so happy!

Ok story time!

Candy canes, gingerbread houses and gingerbread men

Once upon a time there was a girl who was dying to try candy canes, candy houses and gingerbread men. Her name was Marjorie. She had blue eyes and light brown hair. She would go to different bakeries and candy shops to see if she could find them but she could not. One day she told her mother: “Mom, make me a gingerbread house with a ginger man inside”.
“Don’t be stupid, I’m not doing anything for you. That stuff makes you fat, child. Now leave.” –replied her mom
Marjorie was oversensitive so she began to cry. She cried until she fell asleep. Then she had a dream. In the dream there was a lady who told her: “I heard you ask for those sweets to your mom”. Then she showed her tons of gingerbread houses decorated with candy canes and gingerbread men. The girl was so happy she hugged the lady and kissed her.
The next day after school as she was walking home she saw the lady in her dream! The lady approached her and said: “I heard you ask your mother for sweets yesterday. She scolded you. I’ve come here to tell you something. That woman is not really your mother”.
“You’re kidding?!” –replied Marjorie in amazement
“Yes, I know your real mother. She loves baking! But now she’s sick and can no longer cook”
“If she really is my mom why am I not with her?”
“That lady kidnapped you when you were born”
“How do you know that?”
“We were best friends when we were young. She could not have children. After I found out about what she did I decided to cut ties with her. Later I met your mother. Now I’m trying to make things right.”
“Take me to her. I wanna meet her”
“We’ll go tomorrow. You should go home now so she won’t get suspicious. Do not tell her anything of what we’ve talked here today. Understand?”
Marjorie nodded and went home. While she was studying she found a small piece of paper in her backpack with the lady’s name and phone number. Her name was Jerrie.
The next day after lunch Marjorie left school and met with Jerrie in secret. Together they went to Marjorie’s real mother, Dexie. On their way Jerrie told Marjorie her mother had been feeling a lot better since yesterday after Jerrie tol her she had found Marjorie. This made Marjorie feel glad.
They finally arrived at Dexie’s house. Since Dexie had been feeling a lot better she bothered to bake everything her daughter had ever wanted to try! Gingerbread houses, gingerbread men, donuts and more! Marjorie could not believe her eyes. What’s more she was confused by everything she had learned about herself between yesterday and today. Her mother was actually a very old woman. Not what she was expecting. The mother could actually be her grandmother for all she knew! They ate, got to know each other better and went shopping for clothes and toys! One way or the other Marjorie completely forgot of going back home back to her fake mother.
After two days her fake mother realized Marjorie wasn’t coming back. Jerrie went by and told her what had happened. All she could say was: “Well finally. I don’t even know why I wanted to be a mother anyway”. Jerrie, Marjorie and Dexie realized that the fake mother was empty and had nothing going for her so they decided to not press any charges against her and they lived happily ever after. Sometimes they would even go visit the fake mother to make sure she was ok.

The End

Lost in the island

Author's comment: I'm so disappointed at myself XDDD I can't believe I wrote this boring thing. I forgot to write the age I was when I wrote it but this is supposed to be part 2 from this story: The kids who thought they were pirates. I was 10 when I wrote that one so I must've been around 11 when I wrote this one. But I was surprised... The ending was so blaaand. In fact... the whole thing was... haha oh well. I never gave up on writing! And that's what matters lol. Well here goes

Lost in an island

Marty, Vaughn, Elliot, Belli and Lorinda all lived in the same street. On day the youngest one, Elliot said to the boys: “Let’s get on a boat and run away from here”. The others thought that was an excellent idea. But Marty asked: “Where are we gonna get a boat? We don’t have one”
“We can build one!” – said Belli
“Um, no. You know what happened last time…” – said Marty
“But I know who has one! Lorinda’s parents!! We can ask her to lend it to us” – interrupted Vaughn
“Noooooo…. I don’t want that! She’ll want to join us.” – replied Marty
“Don’t see the problem with that” – said Vaughn
“But I don’t want girls in the boat!!!” – complained Marty
All the other boys ignored him. That afternoon they went to Lorinda’s house but she came out of the house before they could knock and said: “I know everything! About your plan. Yes, I was spying on you. You want me to lend you my parent’s boat and have me as a slave! Well my answer is NO!”
Marty was very happy to hear this. The boys left. Later that day Vaughn who was the one who accepted Lorinda the most went to Lorinda by himself and managed to convince her to come with them. Lorinda secretly took her parents’ boat to the beach that night where they all met and left.
When they were in the middle of nowhere in the ocean a storm began. Then the boat crashed against a rock. Luckily they had an inflatable where they all got in with the food they had brought and floated to a nearby deserted island. Now they were stranded with a small amount of food.
“Now what are we gonna do?!” – cried Lorinda
“EEEEEEEEEEAT!” – exclaimed Elliot
“No way, we should build a tent first. Then each of us can have a small portion of food because we don’t know how long we’ll have to stay here.” – explained Vaughn
The storm had passed so after they did those things they went for a swim. Except for Lorinda who stayed frowning under the shade of a palm tree.
By now the moms of these kids had realized they were all gone. They called each other to see if their kids were anywhere to be found but none of them knew where they could be. However Lorinda’s parents also noticed the boat was gone. So they realized what had happened. The kids had to be on the nearest island. So they went to the island and found them! The kids were relieved and learned their lesson.

Three wishes

author's comment:Hey guys!! It's been a while since I posted a story. I was 12 when I wrote this one and I've noticed I had a horrible misconception about writing. I thought the longer I made the story the better. Not necessarily true. Because I'd make it longer by beating around the bush or giving unnecessary details, etc. But as always I try fixing those silly things here. That's why I'm rewriting them lol, oh and because I wanna throw away the original copies but I want to have my stories forever and because I want everyone to read them!!!

The picture was done by me but of course the floor was a texture I found looking for pics online, I edited it to make it blue. The windows are the same autocad blocks I've been using since forever. The trees on the windows are screentones form deviant, the lace on the wall was made by my friend AlchemicMushroom!! I drew the dwarf on Sai and the chair on gimp. And well idk what else to say Let's begin with the story

Three wishes

One day Joanelle and her family went out camping, but Joanelle got bored and went exploring into the woods. Joanelle was a twelve year old girl. She wasn't bad but she wasn't the nicest either and to top it all off she was a bit materialistic. Since the forest was popular for camping she quickly found a friend her age, another girl named Mandy. This girl was not nice at all.

After they had talked for a while Joanelle told her she was going back to her family but Mandy said: "No. Don't go. I have a better idea. Let's never go back to our families. If we leave now no one will ever tell us what to do. We'll be free! Just think about it."

Jonalle replied: "I don't know about that... I feel quite free with my family. I don't need more freedom"

Mandy didn't like this so she told Joanelle that if she went back to her parents now they'd probably punish her for leaving without asking. She kept telling her negative things like this until she finally convinced her to "be free".
They went further into the woods and ran into a crying dwarf asking for help. He was sinking in the mud.

"Help! Help!" -cried the dwarf

"Oh please, just leave it. He's clearly pretending" -said Mandy

"No way, Mandy!" -said Jonalle as she stretched her hand towards him. She was able to get him out of the mud.

"You saaaaaaaved me!! Thank you!!! For this I will grant you three wishes!" -said the dwarf

"Oh my gosh!!! Did you hear that Mandy?" -Joanelle

"Joanelle, please don't. Dwarves are not real. This is just a short man lying to you."

"But I want you to help me with my wishes!!!" -said Joanelle, for she was very innocent

"Well in that case, he's totally reaaal. Hahaha" -said selfish Mandy -"If I was youuuu, Joanelle, my first wish would be wealth. Tons of it! Including a mansion"

"Dwarf!! My first wish is wealth!" -said Joanelle who was behaving like a follower and wasting her wishes

"Are you sure that's what you want and that it will make you happy?" -asked the dwarf


"Ok" -After the dwarf said this a giant mansion full of treasures, beautiful clothes and furniture appeared. The girls were very happy, screaming of joy!

"Best wish eveeeeeeeeeer, right?" -said Mandy

"Oh yes!!! But... too bad our families are not here so they can enjoy it too" -answered Joanelle

"Forget them, we have it all. What next??? What are you gonna wish next? I have a suggestion! We can become princesses!!! That way we'll have even more wealth and power!!!" -said Mandy

"Ooooh sounds exciting! You heard her, dwarf!" -said Joanelle

The girls were suddenly sitting on thrones with crowns on their heads.

"This is the life! What are you gonna wish for next?" -said Mandy smiling eagerly

"I don't know. I'm gonna think about it very much before I use it. I feel kinda guilty...for some reason"

"Well you're really dumb..." -replied Mandy

At midnight Joanelle woke up and wished everything to go back to the way it was. The castle disappeared and they fell to the ground.

"What's happeniiiiiiing?! What did you do?! Don't tell me you wished everything to go back to normal? Ugh I'm so angry at you! How could you?"-said Many as she woke up and saw the castle was gone

"I did, Mandy. The truth is I wasn't happy with any of that stuff so I didn't want it anymore. Now I'm going to go home and you should do the same. Good-bye" -replied Joanelle as she left.

The End

The three ogres

Author's comment: This story is a win! Or at least one of the best I've posted. I wrote this one when I was 12. Oooh I was growing up, but still writing haha. I think it's kind of amazing how much I wrote as a kid. hehehe well, read it! And let me know what you think

The three ogres

Once upon a time there was a little witch named Elise. She wanted to be bad but she wasn’t very good at it. One day, she created three tiny little ogres. But they were not terrifying. They were friendly and loved to play. She thought they were useless so she took them to a dumpster and left them there. The same day a homeless girl was looking food in that same dumpster. She saw them singing and dancing and thought they were funny. Then she remembered the flyers she had seen, the king and queen were looking for something that would make their little princess happy. Whoever brought it to her would get a big reward. So she thought she would try taking the ogres to her and see if she could get the reward.
When she made it to the palace there was a huge line of people who did not care about the princess’ happiness, only about the reward.
When it was finally her turn, she showed princess Seiko the little ogres. Seiko scowled. But after a little while she began to smile and have fun with them. So she kept them. The homeless girl got her reward and never suffered again.
However, witch Elise found out princess Seiko was in possession of her ogres and became furious! So she went to the princess’ palace and asked who gave her the ogres. “Some homeless girl”-Seiko replied. “Well those ogres are mine. She stole them from me” –answered Elise. “However, it makes me so happy that they make you happy that you can keep them… But only if you give me the same reward”.
Silly princess Seiko agreed to the deal and gave her the reward. But this was not enough for envious Elise. She was still upset because someone had what she had thrown away. How could this be? The ogres belonged to her. She did what she wanted with them. No one could have them. Plus she suddenly thought she could “fix” them. Make them bad.
She designed a special elixir to turn the ogres evil. Then she commanded her flying pigs to go inject it on the ogres. The ogres successfully entered through the princess window and completed the deed. They stayed to see the results but there were none. Elise didn’t know what she was doing. That was no “elixir” just a mix of stuff she thought would do something with no basis.
When the pigs came back they told her: “Your potion did nothing”
“Because you applied it wrong! Duh!”-replied Elise. “You do everything wrong! Why do I even let you do anything?! Ugh!”
“We did it just like you told us” –replied one of the pigs
“Uh, no you didn’t! Otherwise it would’ve worked! I’m so angry!!”
“It wasn’t a real potion! Stop pretending, Elise!” –said one of the pigs
“You be quiet, disgusting pig! I’ll go it myself! I’ll show all of you!”
When they got to the castle the princess was not in her room. They found her at the backyard, but she wasn’t wearing a princess dress because she was playing outside with her ogres.
“Who is that ugly?”-asked Elise
“That’s obviously the princess, duh…” – said one of the pigs
“Well if I don’t know it, it’s not obvious!”
“Sssh she’ll see us” –said another pig
“Don’t shush me! PIG. Here’s the plan you two distract the princess and you stay here waiting for me while I go grab the ogres. Then we blast to Arqui the Giant’s place”
They successfully executed the plan but when they were flying up to the sky, where Arqui’s castle was, Seiko realized what happened. She quickly took some seeds out of her pocket and grew a giant beanstalk to catch them.
In the meantime, at Arqui’s castle Elise managed to influence the ogres. Now she was executing her next plan. While she distracted Arqui, the ogres stole his gold. But they were not very smart yet. Once they took all they could they took it to Elise while she was still talking to Arqui. So she started pretending not to know what was going on and to whip them. At that moment Seiko finally reached the castle and intervened. She protected the ogres and told Arqui the truth!
This made Elise furious! So she whipped the princess! Proving what Seiko was saying was true. Arqui felt angry and betrayed. With one hand he grabbed Elise and the pigs and cast them down from his sky castle to the ground. Luckily the pigs could fly so they were able to save themselves and Elise.
Afterwards Seiko returned to her castle with her ogres and taught them to do well. While Elise remained a frustrated little evil witch.
The End

The three dolls and the giant

Author's comment: I wrote this when I was 9yrs old! WOW! Old! Hahahaha as I was re-writing this I thought this was like an Attack on titan for very young kids!!lololololol
You see that old lady in the pic? She was supossed to be one of the three dolls but... she ended up coming out like that... :(

The three dolls and the giant

Once upon a time there was a little girl, four years old, who love toys very much. She had plenty, but there were three dolls that were her personal favorite. Ruby was a doll with beautiful curly copper hair and blue eyes. Marlyn had straight black hair and green eyes. Sharlotte had blonde hair with brown eyes. Something that the little girl didn’t know was that every time she left her room the dolls came to life!

Although the dolls loved their owner, Melinda, very much they were a little bit bored of living in her bedroom. They wanted to see the outside world! Meet new toys! The dolls designed an escape plan. At night they climbed one on top of the other in order to take the house keys from the mom’s drawer. Then, they made their way out of the house and into Toyland! (A toy store).

There they met many new dolls! However the new dolls warned them there was a giant in the store! And at that exact moment… boom! The giant showed up! “Oh no!”- The dolls yelled. “Who are these invaders?” asked the giant. “I’ll just eat them then! Bwhahahahahaha!” The dolls started running and running but in a matter of seconds the giant grabbed all three of them with his gigantic hand! He tossed them in a cauldron and began cooking them. When suddenly he felt hard marbles hitting him on his back! It was painful and it angered him. He turned and saw one of the dolls had come out of her box to try to help the other dollies! But then again the dolly looked so pathetic the giant started laughing, took the three out of the cauldron and put them in his mouth. Creepy. The dolls began crying and crying. The giant suddenly felt something he had never felt before, compassion. So he took them out of his mouth and decided not to eat them. The giant had a change of heart and the dollies were able to go back home!

The End