Hunting Night

This is a fanfiction based on the anime “InuYasha”. With the exception of Kumari, none of the following characters belong to me. Sesshomaru and Jaken belong to Rumiko Takahashi, and the rest – Yume, Sazume and Ichimaru – are the work of Reenigrl, an artist whose work I came to admire.

I have been reading her comic “Memories” here at The Otaku, and my next step was to take a look at her fan arts, and I must say I was dazzled. When I had a glance over the pictures called “Children of Legends”, “Family Heirloom” and "Her Father's Eyes", I began to imagine how Sazume and Ichimaru would be like. So this story came to my mind, and I had to write it! Reen, thanks for lending me your characters!

I’d also like to thank to Wayward Warrior for helping me revising my English and pointing my mistakes. Your advices were priceless!

I have some details to share, but it would spoil the reading, so I’ll add an author’s note at the end. Enjoy!