I suck at introductions... never know what to say exactly.

My name is Italo. I'm just a guy who happens to love writing. I believe I'm beyond calling it a hobbie, it's more like a compulsion at this point! XD I write almost everyday, always coming up with new ideas.

I started writing seriously on 2005, and never stopped. It was a very sad part of my life, actually, but things got a lot better since. I truly believe that writing had something to do with it.

Fill the emptiness with great stories to be told. That became my motto since then. Whenever I feel lonely, there are the characters and their stories in my head. And, for every page I write, I come up with ideas for two more... Sometimes I look at my characters and see that I grew up with them, became more mature as them.

So, basically I'm here looking for inspiration. I really like to see other people's art. It's good to see I'm not alone, LOL.

By the way, my favorite anime are Rorouni Kenshin, Bleach, InuYasha, Full Metal Panic and Death Note. Maybe I'll come up with some fanfics to post here? (If only I have the patience to translate them into English... Yeah, I'm Brazilian!)


Surprisingly enough, after several months of inactivity around here, I've been promoted to legendary status! Awesome!

Chapter 5: Last Debts, part 1

A Promise Left Behind Chapter 5: Last Debts Part 1: On his own The sun rose on the horizon, and the first thing it saw was the small castle, solidly built at the edge of the precipice. A cold mist ruled the ai...

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Chapter 4: Fireworls - Part 2

Chapter 4: Fireworks Part 2 - Playing with Fire Sazume tiptoed through the castle’s hallways, her delicate feet making no noise as she approached her father’s study. The door was closed, but a high window gave her a glimp...

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Fear of the Dark

Fear of the Dark “Come back here! Are you afraid?” “Shut up!” Jake left his friends in the middle of the room and sat down on the couch. Dumbasses. Who had the stupid idea of telling ho...

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Chapter 4: Fireworks - Part One

Chapter 4: Fireworks “Green comes after white Night turns to day into the fire Look at our dreams flying away Climbing up higher” Angra – “Fireworks” ...

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