Are Vampire's Real?

Ok, this story, there really isn't set chapters..but this is all I have typed up, there is more, WAy more, but for now, Voila!

Once upon a time, there was a woman named Xaina. She believes in vampires. Everyone she knows thinks she is crazy. All accept a few of her closest friends. She always tries to find evidence that vamps are real but have yet to find some.
- - *! Now to Xaina!* - -

Xaina was walking home from hanging out at a club called, Midnight Terror with her close friends Valentina, Cleopatra, Seraphina, Caecilia, Eva, Sabrina, and Rosalinda . It was dark and it a full moon and as she was walking, she felt a presence behind her. She looked back but only to see… nothing. She turned back and continued to walk home. She felt it again and turned around again. When she did, she saw a shadow move. She went wide eyed and started to run to her house that was 3 blocks away.
Once she got to her house she ran up stairs to see that her mother was asleep in her room with a book on her lap. Xaina then picked up the book and placed it on the nightstand. She then kissed her mother goodnight and turned off the light and went to her room. She then changed then went to her computer and logged on to AIM to see ALL her friends are on… (Here is the AIM conversation)
VampLuva9486: Hi guys! (Xaina) Soccerstar86: Yo (Valentina) EygptQueen12: Hi!!! (Cleopatra) AnimalLover16: Hey! (Seraphina) VampsAREreal98: Hey Hey! (Caecilia) MoonGoddess19: Hello! (Eva) SalemWitch67: Yola! (Sabrina)BlondesRawesome10: Hi! (Rosalinda) VampLuva9486: Ok, guys? I have a problem! EygptQueen12: Okay, what’s the problem? VampLuva9486: Someone was following me on my way home from Midnight Terror! Soccerstar86: WHAT!?!?!? VampsAREreal98: OMG! That’s creepy! EygptQueen12: Do you know who it could be? VampLuva9486: Nope. Okay, I have a solution! You guys are going to sleepover my house! EygptQueen12: K! ^.^ VampsAREreal98: What time? VampLuva9486: As soon as you can get here! Everyone (all the ppl): K! VamLuva9486 signed off. EygptQueen12 signed off. Soccerstar86 signed off. AnimalLover16 signed off. VampsAREreal98 signed off. MoonGoddess19 signed off. BlondesRawesome10 signed off. SalemWitch67 signed off.
- - *! Later at Xaina’s House !* - -

*Ding-Dong* Xaina opens the door to ALL her friends and they go to her basement to talk. “Okay! Now what is all this hullabaloo about?”Eva asks. “Well, someone or something was following me on my way home from Midnight Terror.” Xaina answered. “Oooo!” the girls said in unison. “Now what am I supposed to do?” Xaina asked the group once they all sat in a circle on the floor. “Well, I think that you just shouldn’t walk home alone for the time being. At least till we figure out who is following you. Sound good?” Cleopatra suggested. “Actually, that’s a real good idea. Until we at least figure out who’s doing It.” answered Valentina. “Okay, we should rotate who goes with her. And we will decide who does it each day during school. Okay?” Caecilia added. “Alright, well let’s get some sleep. Night Girlies!” Rosalinda chimed in. Xaina went to turn off the lights as everyone got settled and then they fell asleep.
- - *! Somewhere Else!* - -

A dark creature of the night slithered into a dimly lit room. Someone was sitting on a chair that looked like a throne. “Master, I was unable to get her tonight.” A dark figure said to the “Master” that sat in the throne chair. “Damien, she is the only one that TRULY believes. We NEED her. Don’t come back until you have her.” The “master” answered. “Yes Master Elvira.” Damien bowed and slithered back out of the room. As he was leaving he heard, “Be careful Damien, don’t get attached to her.” Elvira says as she pets her demonic dog that goes by the name of Shadow. “Yes Ma’am.” As he closes the door.
- - *! With the Girls !* - -

The girls had woken up and they decided to go to the mall together. So once they were all dressed. Xaina: a black leather miniskirt, a blood red corset, black high-heeled boots, red eye shadow, mascara, and her hair was pinned back in the middle and then separated into two braids. She had red hoop earrings, and silver studs, and another stud in her cartilage. Valentina: black Capri’s, a gold colored t-shirt, gold and black biker boots, her hair was down, no make-up, and no earrings. Sabrina: a black miniskirt, a blue corset with silver accents, black and blue army boots, blue eye shadow, mascara, her hair was down but pinned in the middle, had her signature skull and cross bones necklace. Seraphina: black pants, purple corset, black vans, hair in a ponytail, no make-up. Cleopatra: black flared pants, silver corset with blue accents, boots like Valentina’s, little make-up, hair was down. Caecilia: a black pleated miniskirt, orange corset with black accents, orange dangling earrings, black high-heels, make-up, and her hair was down and curly. Rosalinda: a black skirt with pink designs on it, pink lacy cami, make-up, pink earrings, high-heels that are pink and black. Eva: a black long skirt, a green tank-top over a black see-through long sleeve shirt, green feathered earrings, black heels. They got to the kitchen and said by to Xaina’s mother and they all got in Xaina and Sabrina’s cars.
- - *! At the Mall !* - -

They were all walking around when they all saw this dark, mysterious figure but they paid no mind to it. Later at the food court, everyone was there except Seraphina, Eva and Rosalinda. So they were all eating sushi then Caecilia and Valentina had to leave. So it was just Xaina, Sabrina, and Cleopatra and they were walking around when all of a sudden, the mysterious figure (Damien) from earlier comes up to them and introduces himself. “Hello, well aren’t you the prettiest woman I’ve seen, I’m Damien, I hear you like vampires. Is that true?” he asked. “Umm… thank you and yes we do, I’m Xaina, and this is Sabrina and Cleopatra.” Xaina answered. “Well, I’ll let you in on a little secret on mine, I’m a vampire.” He says as he takes off his hood to see bleach blonde hair, gold eyes, and pale skin. The three girls looked at him with wide-eyes, then…
“AHHHHHH!!!!!! OMG!!! This is AWESOME!” they said in unison. He just smirked while he thought, Wow, Xaina is beautiful. The girls started to pull him to the exit. Once they were at the car, “so you are really a vampire?” Sabrina asked. He smiles and then a fang peeks out from his lip. “Yes.” He answered. He wraps his arm around Xaina’s shoulder and says, “Okay, girls I have someone for you to meet.” And Sabrina answers, “Uhh…sure, okay let’s go!” “Alright, well Sabrina and Cleopatra, take Xaina’s car and I’ll take her on my bike while you girls follow, k?” he asks. “Sure.” They go their separate ways.
.:. Xaina and Damien .:.
Damien leads Xaina to his motorcycle that is blood red and has ‘Damien’ written on both sides in cursive. “Oh my gosh! I love your bike! I have one to but mine says ‘Xaina’ on it with little skulls around it.” “Well, let’s go!” he said.
- - *! At the ‘Mysterious’ Place !* - -

“Okay, we’re here.” Damien says then helps Xaina off his bike. Sabrina and Cleopatra get out of the car. They all walk up to a big mansion/castle looking house. “So who are we coming to see?” Cleo asks. “Well, her name is… Elvira. The ruler of the vampires. And she wishes to meet with you girls.” Damien explained. “But why us?” Sabrina asked. “Well, simply because you three are the only ones that truly believe that we are real now-a-days.” He continued. Their eyes got big. “Oooo.” Is all they could say. He goes for the door, “Come on girls.” He ushers them inside and all they saw was a dark figure sitting on a throne petting her demonic dog Shadow. “Well hello Xaina, Sabrina and Cleopatra. Welcome to my humble abode. I see you’ve meet Damien.” They nod. Elvira stands up for the girls to see none other than…
Xaina’s MOTHER…
“M-m-mother?” “Hi sweety! *waves light heartedly*” she is wearing a black and red leather dress that goes to mid-thigh and high-heel boots that reach just below her knee. Her hair was in a high ponytail that was curled. “You’re the queen of the VAMPIRES and you didn’t TELL ME?!?!?!” Xaina asked furiously. “Sorry sweetheart, I didn’t know how you would take it.” She answered. “You KNEW I LOVED VAMPIRES! Forget it we will talk about it later.” Xaina concluded. “So what do you need us for Xaina’s mom?” Cleo asked. “Elvira, call me Elvira. And our race is slowly dying and we need you girls to help save us because you three are gifted with special powers. But first, I must explain to you how we vampires came to be. It all started back in Salem, Massachusetts. When witches were told to be evil freaks of nature. And were to be killed, but one of the first unbeliever’s was killed and so a witch had come to put a curse on him. But she found a better way of making him pay for the pain he caused the witch civilization. He was to make him undead but not like zombie, a little more alive than that. And that he had to feed on blood and couldn’t be in the sun had pain skin and special fang like teeth to make it easier to suck the blood of animals or any living thing. After she did that, the non believer found it more tasteful to drink human blood, thus causing us the name clarifying us as vampires.” She explained. As she was explaining Xaina saw Damien sneak out so she followed.
.:. With Xaina and Damien .:.
“Hey Damien, why did you sneak out?” she asked curiously. “Well, I have to go get my two friends so that they can help me train you girls.” He answered. “Who are your friends?” she asked. “Darius and Spike.” “Oooo. Okay. Hurry back please.” She says. He smiles then says, “Of course, I can’t stay away from a beautiful girl like you more then I have to.” She smiles and runs and hugs him. He chuckles and takes his finger and pulls her chin up and kisses her gently. “I’ll be back my goddess. Be sure of that.” He kisses her one more time before he disappeared in the night. She sighs and walks back inside in time to see her friends giggling. “What’s going on?” she asks. “Sabrina and I found out our powers!” Cleo said excitedly. “Well, what are they?” Xaina asked. “Yours are--” before Elvira could finish, “Master!” “Master!” and in came two men that looked like Damien. There was a blonde that wasn’t as blonde as Damien that had amber eyes; he had on a leather vest and a pair of baggy pants and steel-toe boots. “Oo…Hi I’m Spike.” He said and blushed as much as a vampire could when he laid eyes on Sabrina. The other man had black hair and dark blue eyes he was wearing a black tank-top and a pair of baggy pants as well and he had on regular boots. “Hi, my names Darius.” He just makes eye contact with Cleopatra. “Nice of you to join us Spike and Darius now on to what I was saying, Xaina you can shape shift, and read minds, Cleo you can freeze things and teleport. And last but not least Sabrina you can go invisible and you have premonitions. Now boys, go to your respected girl.” As told Damien went to Xaina and winked at her. Darius went to Cleopatra and Spike went to Sabrina.
- - *! After Training !* - -

“Now girls, here is how you save become one of us.” Elvira explained. “How will that help and then why did we just endure all that training?” Sabrina asked. “Well, you need to be mentally and physically strong in order to turn. And once your one of us you need to marry the princes of our kind.” She explained. “WHAT!?!?!?!?!” All the girls said. “Girls there is something you don’t know about us,” the boys started, “We are the princes Elvira is talking about.” “Really?” the girls asked with hope in their eyes. “Yes, we had to go undercover.” The girls squealed and jumped into their respected guys’ arms and said, “OMG!! We get to marry you guys?” “Alright girls calm down, now back to business. Let’s turn you girls into vamps.” “Okay boys take the girls to a room and sit with them in your lap then comfort them and you know the rest, I’ll leave now.” Elvira said then walked out with shadow trailing behind. “Okay girls, don’t fear us in our true form, we have to be in our true form in order or it to work, just bare your neck and be completely calm. And remember that we love you.” Damien explained.
- - *! After Turning !* - -

Xaina had blonde hair her eyes were a demonic blue-green, Sabrina had dirty-blonde hair and her eyes were a demonic Arctic blue. And Cleopatra had black hair and her eyes were a demonic purple-ish. The boys admired them and said they love them. All of a sudden, the door bursts open and light floods the room. There standing in the door way is Valentina, Caecilia, Eva, and Seraphina. They look from the girls to the guys and back. Valentina grins and says, “Soooooo….where’s MY hot guy?!” “HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!” all three girls start busting a gut they are laughing so hard. “Ok, then, well Valentina…” says Elvira who randomly pops up behind Sabrina. “His name is Zane.” As she says his name, a boy walks in looking around 16 years old. He has dirty-blonde choppy like hair and bright sky-blue eyes. He is wearing a navy blue sleeveless shirt and a pair of cut off khaki jeans. Valentina blushes like mad when he looks at her. Sabrina and Cleo giggle to each other at Valentina’s reaction for they have already greeted him and warned him of her. Zane chuckled and stood right in front of Valentina. “Hello, my dear Valentina.” “Uhh… Hi” she says. Zane walks over to Damien and Darius, as he does that Valentina turns toward Sabrina and Cleo. She smiles really big and her eyebrows wiggle up and down. The girls just randomly start talking and in the middle of talking, Valentina’s stomach growls really loud, “Wow, I’m hungry…hehe” Valentina said randomly. Then, “SO AM I!!” Zane yelled across the room. He runs and grabs Valentina’s hand and starts toward the door. “Let’s go to burger king!!!”And then the door shuts. “Wow…that was uhh sudden” Sabrina bluntly stated.
The door opens and Valentina’s head pops up and says “I found my HOT GUY!!!” and then in the distance they hear, “Come ON, I’m HUNGRY!!!” and Valentina shuts the door and runs after him. After they leave, three guys walk in. (descriptions later….) Ikki walks to Rosalinda and kisses her hand. Zen walks to Caecilia. Lennox to Eva. Ryan to Seraphina. After the introductions of everyone, they decided to go out and hang around. They open the front door to reveal two figures lying in the grass groaning. Valentina and Zane were rubbing their tummies from so much food. They start talking. As they talked their ‘Audience’ was surprised by the fact Valentina giggled. Actually giggled. “HEY LOVE BIRDS!!” Valentina blushes and hides her face in Zane’s chest (they are still lying down) Sabrina and Cleopatra just stared in amazement. “Well, we were going to the mall to hang out…want to come or just stay here and talk?” Spike asks as he puts his arms around Sabrina’s waist and rests his head against her shoulder. Darius does the same for Cleopatra. “Ok, well you lazy bums stay here and watch the house please.” Lennox says and walks with Caecilia in the direction of the boys motorcycles. (The motorcycles have the guys names on the side and the girls giggle about them.)
- - *! An Hour Later !* - -

*! At the Mall !*
“Ok well, where to first?” asks Damien. The girls get stars in their eyes and smile widely at them. The boys sweat drop. The girls grab their hands and run into Hot Topic. The girls zoom around the store fro an hour. The guys were sleeping at the cash register when the girls wake them up by scaring them. The men get suckered into paying for the girls clothes. Later, they were in the food court in line for sushi when they look over at Burger king to see Valentina and Zane eating…AGAIN. Cleopatra shakes her head and orders her favorite sushi: eel. Once they got a place to sit down they are talking about prom that will be coming up and their trip to Costa Rica. The boys all looked at each other at the mention of going to Costa Rica fro about a week. “We are going too! Or you can’t go.” Lennox says. “Awwwwww….man now I can’t look at hot guys. JK. Spike you know I love you!” Sabrina said then hugs Spike and looks up at him. Spike rolls his eyes and kisses the top of her head. *yawn* “Gosh I’m tired. Shopping really wears a girl out.” Caecilia tiredly says. “Num Num Num…Yummy!” Valentina said once she joined the rest of the group. “I’ll be right back.” Cleo said before walking off. “Wow, Cleopatra has a big butt.”Valentina said randomly. “Valentina!” Sabrina said trying not to laugh. “Yea…” Zane said. Valentina glared at him and elbowed him in the gut. “Hehe...just kidding, yours is better!” He said smiling at her. “ANYway…where to now?” Ikki asked “Well, I guess we can just go home. I’m tired…*yawn*” Seraphina said. Everybody went home and Xaina, Cleopatra, and Sabrina went to their respected rooms to see Damien, Darius, and Spike sitting on each girl’s bed. “What the hell!? Get out of my room. I need to sleep!” Cleopatra said with a vein throbbing at the side of her head. “Yes, GET OUT! We know you’re our mates but we are ONLY 15 years old and you 16. We are not ready for men to be in our rooms at all yet. Sorry dudes.” Xaina said
- - *! Next Day !* - -
“*Yawn* Oh goodie, school, what homework did we have Sabrina?” Cleo and Valentina asked. “HOW THE HELL am I suppose to know?” Sabrina asked. “Caecilia?” Cleo asked hopefully. “We didn’t have any.” She answered looking through her book bag. “Good!” All three girls sighed in happiness. “Valentina! What is the answer to (insert Algebra II problem here)?” the teacher asks. Everyone looks over at Valentina to see her head down. “Zzzzzz*snort*zzzzzz.” Cleopatra, Sabrina and the rest of the gang tries not to laugh. “VALENTINA!” teacher yells. “Uh? Wa-what? She answers. “DETENTION! Principal’s office NOW!” the teacher demanded. “Awww not AGAIN!” she mumbled as she left the room. The rest of the day was uneventful.
*! Later that day !*
“So how was detention?” Sabrina asked. “*shrugs* I don’t know I sleep the entire time.” Valentina answered, “But Zane was there and woke me up. So… who cares! ” “Let’s go home then.” Lennox says. “HOMEWORK! AHHHHH!” Sabrina says and bangs her head on the table. Caecilia and Rosalinda are in the background actually DOING their homework. “I’m hungry. BRB” Sabrina walks into the kitchen to see Zane and Valentina kissing. “Awww Val FINALLY got a boyfriend!” Valentina turns glares and is after Sabrina. Sabrina is running like a bat out of hell, then spots Spike. ‘YES! Thank you lord’ and runs behind him. “Save me!” Sabrina cries. Spike holds her and glares at Valentina and she innocently smiles and backs away. “Homework’s DONE! Now computer time!” Caecilia says and jumps toward the computer. “Crap… Homework time!” Sabrina said while going toward her book bag. “Well boys, are you done YOUR homework?” Rosalinda asks. The boys look at her. “Hehe about that.” The boys scratch the back of their heads.

- - *! AN Hour Later !* - -

*An hour later and three arguments over board games and computer times later.*
Valentina is sad and sitting in a corner, Caecilia is on the computer, Cleopatra is drawing (God knows where she hid during the arguments), and the others are trying to get there homework done.
-20 Minutes later-
“But I want to play Cranium!” Cleopatra whined. “NO!” Valentina yelled. “Aww Val are you still upset about not getting to play on the computer?” Sabrina asked. “Yes!” Valentina said and turns to pout more. Sabrina giggles a little. She was walking past Val but Val tripped her and as she prepared for the landing, she felt familiar warm (to her) arms around her. Spike had caught her with his vampire speed. “Well, well, what do we have here? A miss klutzy? Haha.” Spike said and Sabrina blushed and pushed him away. “Aww babe I’m sorry I couldn’t help it, and as you get better as a vampire, the klutz you are will go away.” Spike said. Sabrina turns and pouts. “I don’t care. That hurt my feelings.” Spike kisses the moon and star on her neck from him turning her. “Uhh…fine I forgive you.” Sabrina caved in. Valentina was in the corner snickering about the klutz comment. Spike throws a glare at her and she stops. “Sooooooo…back to homework people!” Cleo says all to happy. “Your hiding something aren’t you Cleo?” Sabrina whispers to her.
- - *! School the Next Day !* - -

All the gang has their own table no one dares to sit at. And Xaina puts on an act that she is emotionless during school because she needs to learn. But at lunch today, she was laughing and showing emotions and it scared everyone.
“Guess what guys!” Zane says while running(human speed) up to their table w/ a tray filled with food. “What?” Rosalinda asked. “The guys and I are trying out for the football team!” he said while sitting down. “Really?! I always wanted a boyfriend that plays football! And we (girls) have our OWN news! We are trying out fro cheerleading!” Sabrina added. “we are WHAT!?!?!?!” Cleo and Val screamed. Rosalinda just happily giggled. “Sweet! I’ll have a cheerleader as a girlfriend!” Spike said. Sabrina just laughed and rolled her eyes.