Vampire Love, Chapter 1.

This is a fanfiction I made about Inuyasha and Kagome:

Creatures of the night…emotionless at times and heartless yet gentle creatures…VAMPIRES. Inuyasha is one of these grateful elegant beings. He is the prince of the vampires. During the day he hides from humans but he is tired of hiding and wants to make a change.

Dark shadows, and within these dark shadows something lurks, watching, observing, lusting. A keen sense of smell can smell blood at any moment. At around 10:00pm at night, a 17 year-old girl was walking around lost in the woods and her cell didn’t have any service. She hurt her arm and it was bleeding so she started to wrap it in a piece of cloth she tor of her shirt. Her outfit was a red halter top with a black cross and black mini skirt with black knee high boots. Her hair was down and she had blue highlights. She had a feeling she was being watched. A shadowy figure was watching from a tree above her and suddenly he jumps down in front of her and scares her. He was wearing baggy black pants with a wifebeater shirt underneath a cloak, a sash around the cloak. “Are you lost?” he asks in his sexy vampire voice.
“Hehe…uhh…yea” she said nervously.

“Why don’t I help you, I know of a village not far from here.” He suggests.

“Ummm…ok. If you don’t mind me asking. What is your name?” she shyly asked
“Ahh...excuse me for my impoliteness. I’m Inuyasha. What is your name ma’am? he asked very calmly.

As they walk into the village that unknowingly to Kagome, is full of vampires. He takes her to the village inn and assured her that he was in the other room if she needed him. She got ready for bed and finally got to sleep when she felt a presence and she woke up with a start to find a frightening figure standing over her bed watching her.
She yells…..
“INUYASHA!!! HELP ME!!!!” Inuyasha comes busting in and looked at the strange vampire and tackled him. Kagome just sat on her bed worried for Inuyasha. The unknown vampire was killed and after Inuyasha got rid of the body, he sat on Kagome’s bed and talked with her a little bit.
“Inuyasha, who in the hell is that? And what was he?”

“Well, Kagome, he was Andrew, I can’t answer what he was right now but when the time is right, I will be sure to tell you.”
“I can live with that” she answers.

“Come with me” he gestures as he gets up and walks to the door, she follows close behind and they end up going to his room.

“Why are we here?” she asked very curiously going to sit on the bed.
“Well, since it is not safe for you to sleep in your own room, you are going to sleep in here with me.” He answered calmly.

“Are you sure? Where are you going to sleep?” She asked.

“Well, that is what I wanted to tell you, here it goes, well I’m a…a… vampire. Plain and simple.” He looks at her afraid of what she will say.