Wilkommen zu deizer verruckten zeit! As the title suggests, this is just a collection of stories I've written. Some will be fan fiction, some will be original stories. I may even include poetry. Please do not take my works and claim them as your own!! I doubt you would want to, but in the event you do, I will not hesitate to call upon the powers of the Karyu to bring ultimate judgement upon you!

Safe In My Arms

So I have to resort to that jutsu to beat him, Deidara thought. He was locked in a fierce battle with Uchiha Itachi's younger brother, Sasuke. He hated the Uchiha clan. Those eyes, regarding him coldly, showing pure disdain toward his art. "Now I will turn myself into a true work of art, un! I will take you out with my most beautiful piece yet, Uchiha Sasuke! Art is a bang, un!" he yelled.

The blonde ripped off his shirt and began unstitching the mouth on his chest. He then stuffed the mouth with clay. His mind, however, had already left the battlefield...

"Deidara," called a voice. "Huh? Who's calling me? You sound familiar. Do I know you, un?" asked the clay master. "Baka!" taunted the voice. "You've forgotten me so easily? I guess all those explosions killed some of your brain cells." The blonde looked around, but he only saw darkness. "I can't see you, un! Show yourself! Quit playing games with me, un!" Deidara yelled into the darkness.

Suddenly a bright light flashed. The clay artist was momentarily blinded. My body must have exploded, he thought. The familiar voice began to chuckle, quietly at first, then growing louder. At the same time, Deidara's sight slowly returned. He took notice of his surroundings. Everything was white and foggy. He was even wearing a long, white nightgown.

"Okay, voice," Deidara said. "Where am I, un?" A small figure began to appear from the fog. It was dressed in the same type of nightgown, but its hair was shaggy and read. Suddenly, Deidara's face lit up with recognition. "Danna!" he yelled happily, running to the puppet master and grasping him in a tight hug. Sasori returned the hug and said, "You're safe in my arms. And we can stay this way for eternity."

The Ninth Commandment

Thou shall not bother Kakuzu whilst he is counting money. This includes, but is not limited to: shouting random numbers, telling Kakuzu that the value of money has dropped one hundred percent, burning said money, scattering said money, ripping said money, asking Kakuzu to reattach body parts, and calling Kakuzu names.

Kakuzu sat at the kitchen table counting his money. He had several account books strewn about the table. Kisame strolled into the kitchen, unnoticed by the dark-haired man. The shark-man could faintly hear Kakuzu counting. “$3,289…$3,290...Oh! A $5! That’s $3,295! $3,296…” Kisame grinned an unfriendly grin and began counting aloud himself. “$200…$209…$213…”

Suddenly, Kakuzu slammed the money down and turned to Kisame. “You made me lose count, you overgrown guppy!” he shouted. Itachi strolled in, having heard the commotion. “What’s going on?” he asked, staring down the refrigerator. Kisame answered, “Kakuzu is counting money.” Itachi turned and walked over to the toaster. He petted it and said, “Poor Kakuzu, when will you learn? Money is weak. It lacks…hatred…” He turned and walked toward the door, grabbing Kisame as he went. “Crunchy, let’s go. I have to meet with Leader,” he said, leaving Kakuzu with a vein popping out on his forehead and his left eye twitching.

At that moment, Hidan walked into the kitchen, grinning like a madman. “Hey, Kakuzu, guess what I heard this morning on the news?” he said, picking up a crisp $20 and taking out a lighter. “The value of money dropped by one hundred percent.” He drew out the last three words slowly and began to set fire to the $20 in his hand. Kakuzu jumped up and leapt at his partner, yelling, “No!! You fool!! What do you think you’re doing?!” Unfortunately for the green-eyed man, the Jashinist snatched the burning $20 out of his reach. As the last of the $20 burned before Kakuzu’s eyes, Hidan let it flutter to the floor and walked away, laughing maniacally.

Just then, Tobi came tearing through the kitchen, screaming, “NO, ZETSU-SAN!!! DO NOT EAT TOBI!!!” Zetsu followed close behind, his black half saying, “Feed me!” and his white half calling, “Come back, Tobi!” As they ran through the kitchen, money fluttered everywhere. Some even happened to flutter under the Akatsuki members’ feet, ripping as they ran on. Tears began to flow from Kakuzu’s face.

Deidara crept into the room slowly, his face blushing so much that it matched the color of the clouds on his cloak. “H-hey, Kakuzu, un? Would you mind…ah…sewing something back on for me, un?” he asked, voice shaking. Kakuzu glared at the blonde, sending shivers down his spine. He began to whimper, then suddenly ran from the room, crying hysterically.

A moment later, Sasori came into the kitchen. “Hey, you Jewish Muslim, why won’t you sew Deidara back together? He’s in our room, crying hysterically! How am I supposed to get any sleep with all that racket, you heartless swamp doll?!” It was the last straw. Kakuzu snapped. Suddenly, Sasori felt as though he should have made a better choice in words…

A few hours later, Pein came home to find the base once again in shambles. The other Akatsuki members (minus Kakuzu) were outside, some shaking, others cursing. Itachi was wandering around mumbling something about lacking hatred and randomly tripping over fallen branches. Pein ignored them all and crossed the remains of the threshold of the base. The horror he found inside rendered him speechless…

The Eighth Commandment

Thou shall not force thy religion upon any other member of Akatsuki.

Hidan came into the common room on what was becoming an increasingly common morning. Zetsu was in the corner, mumbling to himself. Kakuzu was sitting at the kitchen table, organizing the Akatsuki’s financial records and muttering a cuss word every now and then. Sasori was on a couch under a black blanket reading his favorite book. Itachi sat beside him with an upside-down newspaper. Deidara and Tobi were wrestling over the television remote in the floor in front of Sasori and Itachi’s couch. Kisame was in the kitchen sitting across from Kakuzu, eating his breakfast. Pein and Konan were the only pair off on a mission.

“Seeemmmmppaaaaaiii!!” Tobi wailed. “Tobi wants to watch POKEMON!!” Deidara shoved Tobi away from him with his right foot. “No, baka! We’re watching Avatar: the Last Airbender, un!” Tobi begin to cry. “No, I hate that show! It’s dumb!” Deidara looked at Tobi and stated, “Not as dumb as you are, un!” before jumping up and holding the remote high above his head. Suddenly, Sasori’s foot shot out from under the blanket, kicking Deidara at the base of his spine. “Give that masked nuisance the remote NOW!! I’ve read this same damn sentence FIVE TIMES, baka!” Deidara began to protest, but promptly found himself staring at the poisoned tip of one of Sasori’s needles.

Hidan could take it no longer. These fools! Did they not understand that they were all showing blatant disrespect to Jashin-sama?! “YOU FUCKING FOOLS!!! DO YOU NOT FUCKING UNDERSTAND THAT YOU ARE ALL FUCKING SHOWING BLATANT DISRESPECT TO JASHIN-SAMA?!” he thundered. Everyone stopped what they were doing, except for Tobi, who was happily flipping through the channels to find his favorite show. “Deidara! Make his happy fucking ass pay attention!” Hidan shouted, pointing at Tobi. The blond did what he was told.

Kakuzu and Kisame came into the room, having heard the Jashinist’s outburst from the kitchen. “Now that you are all paying attention, I will show you how to properly start your day. The morning prayer to Jashin-sama!” Hidan began the ritual. Everyone followed, except for Itachi. Hidan noticed and asked, “Itachi? Why in fucking Hell are you not doing the fucking morning prayer?” Kisame raised his hand. “What, Kisame?” Hidan questioned angrily. “Well, Hidan, sir, Itachi’s blind, so he can’t see what you’re doing.” Hidan looked from Kisame to Itachi, then back to Kisame. “Then go fucking help him, fucking moron!” he yelled.

Two days later, Pein and Konan returned to find everyone mutilated in the living room. “HIDAN!!!” he thundered. “WHAT THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN DOING?! EVERYONE’S BLEEDING TO DEATH!!!” Hidan smiled up at the leader. “I converted them!” he chirped. “DO YOU KNOW HOW LONG IT IS GOING TO TAKE TO FIX ALL THESE MORONS?!” Pein roared. “Not to mention the expense of the hospital bills,” Kakuzu added.

The Seventh Commandment

Thou shall not leave any strands of thy “lovely locks” in any drain.

The Akatsuki had, once again, fixed their base up. Tobi, Zetsu, Hidan, Kakuzu, Pein, and Konan were all out on missions. Loving the fact that he had a little off-time, Itachi decided to take a nice, long, steamy shower. His hair hadn’t been washed in ages, he felt. He shirked his clothes and wrapped himself in a big fluffy black towel. On his way to the shower, he met Deidara. “Itachi, I used the last of the Herbal Essences shampoo, but there should be another bottle under the sink, un,” he said upon passing the blind man.

Itachi went into the bathroom and fumbled around until he found the sink. “Of course, Crunchy has to become useless as well. That kitten is never around when I need him,” he grumbled, feeling around for a shampoo bottle. However, the first bottle his hand landed on was not shampoo. In fact, it was a bottle of The Works, a highly-dangerous drain cleaner. He turned the shower on, set the bottle on the ledge where they kept shampoo, and removed his towel.

The dark-haired man stepped into the spray of the shower and let the water drench his hair. He grabbed the bottle and poured some of the liquid in his hand. “This shampoo is a bit watery. I guess Deidara’s trying to play a prank on me. Oh, well, it’s just shampoo and water,” he mused, attempting to lather his hair.

After five or six lather-and-rinse cycles, Itachi decided it was time to get out of the shower. He would’ve gone for another cycle, but the water was beginning to run cold. Something furry brushed against his ankle as he stepped out. “Crunchy, if you’re going to help me take a shower, you have to be in here BEFORE I start the water, you stupid kitten!” he yelled.

In fact, the furry offender was not the blind man’s burnt seeing-eye turtle. It was a radioactive glob composed of Konan, Hidan, Deidara, Kakuzu, and Itachi’s hair. The glob followed Itachi out of the bathroom and began exploring the base. As it went, it picked up any random debris to add to its size.

Soon, the members who had been on missions came home to find Sasori, Deidara, Kisame, and Itachi standing outside the base. “What problems have you caused NOW, you morons?!” Pein thundered. Kakuzu added, “Please, begin with the financial tribulations.” The hairy glob came rolling out the door. Tobi immediately ran to it and hugged it. “Tobi will call you Fluffy! Can Tobi keep Fluffy, Leader-sama?” the masked man asked excitedly. “NO!!! WE’RE GOING TO DESTROY THAT MONSTROUS THING!!!” Pein roared, glaring at the four who had been left at the base.

Tobi threw himself on the ground and began to cry, “But Fluffy has a NAME! You can’t kill him, Leader-sama!” Pein ignored the nuisance and asked angrily, “Who is to blame THIS time?” All eyes immediately turned to Itachi, save for Tobi, who was still pitching a fit.

The Fifth Commandment

Thou shall not use thy artwork to answer the door or telephone for any reason.

The Akatsuki had finally fixed the damage Deidara had done to their base. Everyone was gone, save for Sasori. Deidara was in Konohagakure running errands, and the other teams were all on missions. The puppet master was in the common room, enjoying the peace and quiet. Sasori was curled up on the couch under a black fleece blanket, reading his favorite book, “Puppets” by Daniel Hecht. A delivery order for a cheese pizza had been placed nearly thirty minutes ago, and the redhead’s attention could no longer be held by his book. His stomach roared and growled in anticipation of the steaming, melted cheese on top of the delicious tomato sauce and delectable dough.

Sasori was pulled from his pizza-riddled fantasies by the sharp ringing of the doorbell. He looked at the clock on the opposite wall. “Tch. Two minutes late. I’ll make that miserable, pathetic waste of skin pay for forcing me to wait,” he grumbled. The puppeteer raised his hands and took control of his latest puppet, which looked rather grotesque in its human-beetle form, with his chakra strings. Maneuvering the puppet towards the door, Sasori giggled inwardly. He could hear the door opening, as he commanded his artwork to do so. “Here is your piz—uwaaah!” came the cry of the delivery boy. He heard the box drop to the ground and the sound of running footsteps. The puppet picked up the pizza and brought it to the puppet master on command.

Just as Sasori was about to take the first bite of his prize, the phone began to ring. “What wretched fool has the gall to disturb me now?” he spat angrily. At his command, Hiruko answered the phone. A feminine voice seemed to pour out of the receiver. “How would you like to join my collection of puppets, dear?” he commanded the hunchback to question, malice dripping from every word. There was a loud click and the dial tone suddenly began pouring from the receiver. Hiruko placed the receiver back in its cradle, and immediately fell limp.

After Sasori finished his pizza, he decided to take a nap. Before retreating to his room, the redhead commanded several of his puppets to take care of any disturbances. He left Hiruko in charge of the group.

Meanwhile, all of Konoha was in an uproar. The delivery boy had run back to the restaurant screaming about a bug man. The telemarketer packed her things and left her desk hastily, all the while mumbling about not wanting to be a puppet. One mailman in particular was overheard screaming about a scorpion man. Deidara knew immediately his danna was up to something. The blond man hurriedly finished his errands and returned to the Akatsuki base.

Upon returning, the clay master headed straight for Sasori’s room. He burst in, unannounced. “Danna! What have you been doing, un?” the blond questioned angrily. Sasori opened his eyes half-way and gave Deidara a smirk. “Whatever do you mean? I haven’t done a thing,” he replied. Deidara glared at the puppet master. “I think you know what I mean, un,” he stated flatly. Sasori looked up at his partner with the best innocent face he could muster. “Dei-chan, I was only having a little fun,” he said, pretending to be hurt by the clay master’s accusations. Suddenly, Kakuzu and Pein appeared behind Deidara. “Sasori!” Pein shouted angrily. “Do you know what you’ve done? You’ve caused all of Konoha to be in an uproar!” “Not to mention the financial damage you’ve done to our account, what with the soon-to-be-filed lawsuits,” Kakuzu spat through gritted teeth. Pein glared at the puppet master. “One more mishap like this, and we’ll throw you to them, no questions asked!” he roared.