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always be my baby</3

always be my baby<3

“So, Mitchell, you gonna go swimming at Kayla’s with us?”
“Yeah, I think so.”
The scorching sun beat down on our backs as we played catch for our last game of the day, and we all had on our minds ,winning, and going to somewhere cool, with shade. Little did we know tragedy would strike our softball team. At the end of a tough loss our coach, Brian, had a brutal beat down with the bat and the ground and a few angry words. And we where set off like that.
“I’ll see you at Kayla’s Kourtni!” I said, waving, setting off to the car. When we left a strange twinge struck my heart. When I had later showed up, Kerri and Kayla were wading in the pool.
“Where’s Kourtni?” I asked curiously looking around, and the only people in the deck was Kayla’s mother, Karen, and little brother, Jay.
“She’s gonna be here in a little bit.” Kerri said, getting out of the pool. “Me and Kayla are actually talking to her right now.”
I walked over to the gate, opened it and tossed my towel on to a chair and walked over to my two friends, crowding over Kayla’s purple rumor. I saw the little, yellow words that said 3:43 ‘RE: Kourtni: I’m on my way. Dont swim without me!!!!’
I smiled and then Kerri picked up the phone and called Kourtni, it was a short brief conversation, I could hear Kourtni’s high voice, then there goodbyes.
We slowly entered the pool, which was extremely cold. After awhile Jay become paranoid.
“Where’s Kourtni? Where is she?” Jay kept asking, and Karen would only say “She’s on her way.”
“I’ll call her,” Kayla said. She picked up her phone and called, it rang then went to voicemail. “That’s weird.” She called again and it went straight to voicemail. “She won’t pick…up.”
Jay wouldn’t take that as an answer, “I’m going to wait in the front for her.”
He was gone for awhile. And came back head down.
“Where is she?” Kayla asked.
“Not here.”
After awhile of all of our fun and messing around I started to become really worried, why wasn’t she here?
“Why hasn’t she called, or why isn’t she here?” I asked.
“Maybe she got in trouble, and had to go home,” Kerri said, thinking nothing of it.
“But why hasn’t she called then?” I kept on, but no one had an answer.
Later, in the hot May weather we began our way up to a local shell, and as we where walking we heard sirens.
“Oh gosh,” Kayla said. “I hope whoever that is they are okay.”
We kept our way up to Shell, but I had a suspicious feeling. Later on after all of our fun we decided to order a pizza. But not to soon after that my mom got a phone call. We where in the front yard, sitting on the curb, and my mom came walking by crying, with her phone in her hand.
“Mom!” I shouted.
“Kim! What’s wrong?” both Kerri and Kayla called after too.
Kayla’s mom seemed worried, too, and we had to know what happened. Kayla bustled after her mom, and Kerri and I went to the back deck, sitting by the table.
“What if something happened to Calvin (Kayla‘s dad)?” Kerri asked, wondering. “He’s in Omaha right now for softball.”
“Yeah, but what about John?” I said, talking about one of our softball coaches. “He’s old, what if he had a heart attack?”
It got very silent. The glass sliding door slid open and Kayla came out, her face full of worry.
“What’s wrong?!” I asked looking at Kayla.
“Something happened.” Kayla said her face still stiff. “My mom won’t tell me, I’m not supposed to tell you but we are going to the Ashely’s in an hour for a ‘surprise.’”
Ashley was one of our head coaches daughter, and one of the catchers, house was not far away. About fifteen minutes later Karen busted out of the house.
“Let’s go, to the Ashely’s house now!” Karen said, her eyes where puffy.
The neighbors, who where in the front, enjoying drinks with our parents not to long ago all looked at us as if we had lost someone.
My mom was a mess, and could not talk. We all crammed into Karen’s small car and drove to the coaches house.. Our three head coaches, Dan, Mike, and Brian where all standing in the driveway, heads down.
“What’s going on?” Kerri said, turning her head as we came closer.
“No!” Kayla yelled. “Turn the car around! Turn it around, something happened! Just turn around!”
As the car slowed my heart began racing.
We stepped out, and went around Brian’s truck, Karen and my mom not far behind.
“First,” Dan said, he looked grieve stricken. “You have your family, we are all here.”
“What happened?!” Kayla protested.
The coaches just ignored her. “A tragedy has struck,” Mike said quietly. “Kourtni and Suzie have passed away.” I screamed, literally screamed, Kayla fell to the ground, and Kerri stood as if she had been shot. The tears came, we couldn’t hold them back, my best friend, and her little sister, gone?! No! It couldn’t be, possible!
“But,” Mike said, Brian was beside him, shaking hard, and underneath his sunglasses, he was crying. “Donna is still alive, she is our main concern, we need to focus on Donna, she is in operation now.”
We cried, and walked into the house, our team was in there, we where one of the first ones there, though. Mary, Ashley’s older sisters hugged me. Kerri couldn’t keep her figure, she was completely lost. In all of the tears all that could run through my mine was, how could this happen? Why would god take them?

>to be continued…<

rest in peace i love you guys </3

at 3:47, the world stopped turning.
at 3:47, two hearts made of gold, got tired of working.
they where earth bound angels, who simply gained their wings.
their mother, not far behind.
through all of this pain, my eyes are dry nd swollen, my
heart is throbbing, with a broken sort of twang. but i know
you are alive. i might not see you but you are the wind, the
rain, the sun, the moon. and you are in my heart forever and
always. i have my angels in the outfield watching over me. i love
and know you are watching over...

[REST.IN.PEACE. kourtni, suzana.donna.]
on may 22nd, 2010 God proved he only takes the best.
forever 22# and 66# my angels in the outfield.

The prologue, Ame's story

Clinging steadily to her teddy bear the young girl stumbled blindly through the dark, muggy alley. She could smell smoke and rotting skin. She didn’t realize her arm was burnt until she fell and landed into an icy cold puddle. With the cement connecting to her face she cried out. Never had she felt such pain nor misery in her life.

She now lie helplessly, hoping death would find her soon, but it did not. Her teddy bear was a few feet away from her, ripped loose from her grip when she fell. She was wearing a torn kimono, and a rugged pair of sandals. That was not the proper clothing for the Winter season.

Her black hair stuck to her sweaty head, which was now freezing like icicles. She didn’t dare open her eyes, afraid of what she may see. But to her dismay she forced herself too, it stung, also; for the tears had frozen her eyelids shut. First she could see the sky, as cloudy it could be, the cloud line broke, showing a full moon. Her arm twisted in pain, and she peered over to the tear in her kimono, showing a gruesome burn, her flesh torn like paper. It looked like an eye, trying to open.

She whimpered and turned her head back to the sky, the buildings surrounding her stood low and were bricked, with posters and graffiti scribbled upon it. A cat hissed as it scurried past her.

‘No one will find me,’ she thought to herself. She really, truly was going to die. It didn’t seem to bother her, either.

But after what seemed like hours of waiting, which realistically could have been about fifteen minutes, somebody, or something found her. It growled at first, the girl had a foul aura, a demonic aura.

But then after shaking that off, the creature smelt most of all, fear. The little demon riddled girl was grieve stricken, and the creature could sense it. It whimpered in sympathy. It bounded quickly over to her, and picked up the strange stuffed toy, gripping it tightly in it’s massive jaws. The girl hiccupped and started moaning, seeing such a big wolf.

It would eat here, she was sure of that. But it did not, instead, it lay next to her, and dropped the bear on her chest. She coiled her arms around the bear, which was now wet with saliva. She took a better look at the wolf, who was doing just the same. And a lust awoke within, as if telling her to trust this wolf. It was two times the size of a regular wolf, with white ruffled fur. It’s eyes were a golden yellow with black ringing the eyes, and it’s pink tongue lolled lazily out of it’s mouth; it’s breathe could be seen in the air.

The wolf looked at the girl grimly, why did he stop for her? He pondered, why worry about a young girl with something dark that was nestled deep within her? He thought quietly, though it shouted loudly through his head, gears clicking and unwinding behind those soft, gentle eyes.

“Who…Who are you?” She managed to cough out, her green eyes turning, staring deep into the wolves’. The wolf seemed to stifle a gasp, she spoke?!

“I, am Akita,” He whispered softly, and her eyes grew wide that the wolf had spoken. “And I will take care of you.”

The calming snow began to fall, and the girl clung to the wolf, as he swung her upon his back and trotted to a safer place.

Levi!!! :3

Here's my new oc 'Levi'. she's mixed with a red fox, and
has the abilty to charm any1 she plzs :)

here's the b&w, i'll have it ready by maybe 2marrrow


hey! so here's my new world, in which i hope 2 be more 'active' in, lol, well here i'll be posting new pic. and short stories!

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