Hello to those who do not know I decided to add this for my own use I will post up things for a new anime I have created on my own, and I would like to know feed back soon there will be pictures to look at but that will be at a later date I hope you all enjoy

Sorry for being absent

So I've been apologizing, for being away for so long
I have been pretty up here in the Otaku World back when I was starting out in 2004 when I first knew about the creation of the new website it was confusing and hard to learn. However, I know that i can learn more by indulging ourselves. I have been studying on how to draw and working more on how to make my stories better, so upon taking this to a whole new level, I am back, and better than ever.

With that being said, I am going to open up my worlds over again, with new revision and more to understand what i have to accomplish, to all my old friends who are still on here and to my subscribers I apologize, sometimes your country demands your audience, and you have to comply.

So on that note, thank you, I am back, all is well in the land of Narnia, and I will be back to making stories and episodes for you all and then I will have more creations

I will be making a poll of titles that will be posted if you all enjoy the Sounds of the titles I will start on those projects


I have been working lately a lot has been going on since I have been away. I have been busy with deployments (Serving my country), So I am trying to come back and continue the stories, while I have been going I have been creating more and more series that I hope that everyone will enjoy I will be starting up all my work again and hopefully bringing up some ideas to some really fantastic artist. I need a proof reader as well if someone is up for the challenge

Chapter two

Well it is time for chapter two if anyone is looking at this new post and did not see the other ones please take a look at them alright here we are. Chapter 1.2 The fina...

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soon there will be more collections of wallpapers and drawings by me posted up soon, along with the 2nd chapter posted

Stop Chapter one

Pictures of these characters will be added on real soon so I hop you enjoy the first chapter. Stop Chapter 1: Have we met 1.1 The year is 2084 on planet SLR-652 code name Sirius Zeon. Before humans have inhabited on...

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