Welcome to Stiny Cam!

The home of the cockatiel hen, Stiny and all her friends.

The Cockatiel Family

  • Stiny - The oldest of the group. Female. Likes Wotsits, crisps and scritches.
  • Peter - Stiny's sister. Yes, you heard. Sister. Peter was actually the pet of my Grandmother's old friend who had to give Peter up due to health. He died not long after. Peter likes tickles and talks. Basic vocab: PETER, PETER POOF, HELLO, TICKLE TICKLE, SHUT UP (RIP - 17/08/2012)
  • Steve - The dominant male. Stiny's man. He's clever and incredibly handsome.
  • Nicole - The youngest male. Was sold to us as a female. Nicole is very feral, loud and brash, but is still lovely.
  • Bart - My mothers old bird. Sweet-faced and curious. He is very smart and will take food from you.
  • Millie - Millie is also my mothers bird. She likes to steal your dinner.

The Budgie Family

  • Greenie - The eldest male. He's a mix of lime green and yellow and he has scruffy feathers making him look like a tennis ball.
  • Skittles - He is the most feral of the group. He's a lovely mix of white, blue, yellow and green.
  • Aya - Aya is actually male. He's a white budgie, with red eyes and hints of lemon in the feathers. He is Fudge's mate.
  • Fudge - Our youngest. She's a lovely indigo colour, adores sitting with you and scritches and is the mate of Aya.

RIP Fudge - 18/10/2012

We found Fudge not long ago on the floor of the quarantine cage. She had stopped eating and was relying on Aya to feed her. Aya was onl...

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WARNING: Don't Purchase These Leg Rings!

I just had to take Nicole to the vets to have a leg ring removed. The standard ring size for a cockatiel is roughly 5.5mm. These were purchased from a breeder who deals with birds and is supposedly experienced. After applying the ring to Nicole, i...

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RIP Peter

RIP Peter. I tried to make you well again, but I guess it was just too much for you.


Fudge Says 'Choop'!