"So You THink you can Draw?" Meme

Doodled this on Tegaki last night

1. [ ] When you doodle, you say it's a simple drawing.
2. [ ] Always provide excuses such as "Still in development"
3. [ ] Can only create an excuse of "I used a mouse, not a tablet" (mouse is easier to draw with sometimes though)
4. [ ] You only draw faces.
5. [ ] You always draw faces at the same direction. (TRYING not to)
6. [ ] The proportion is awful. (sometimes it sucks)
7. [ ] Every character looks the same.
8. [ ] Uses different hairstyle to distinguish characters. (XD)
9. [ ] Cannot distinguish left and right direction.
10. [ ] "Sketch? Who cares about that?" (I don't sketch..?)
11. [ ] You only draw sketches.
12. [x] What's a LAYER??? Seriously... (I don't really use layers and tegakie doesn't have layers;;;)
13. [] You always draw one character.
14. [ ] You always draw characters in same angle. (TRYING not to)
15. [ ] No matter how you draw, it's the same expression.
16. [ ] You couldn't draw characters with movement.
17. [ ] You barely draw feet.
18. [ ] You can't draw figures from high or low angles.
19. [ ] You don't even know the definition of high and low angle drawing.
20. [ ] A shitty figure drawing in dynamic pose can be turned into a 4th Dimensional abstract.
21. [X] Same character looks totally different when it is drawn in different angle or direction. (YES!)
22. [X] You can't even draw anything other than characters or draw everything except characters.
23. [ ] You can only draw cute characters. (I WISH I COULD.)
24. [ ] You can only draw handsome characters.
25. [ ] Hands is your nightmare (I like drawing hands)
26. [ ] Your character's hands are always hidden behind.
27. [ ] The idea sketch is professional but the actual quality is shitty.
28. [ ] You try to cover up one of the eyes with hair so that you can draw only one eye.
29. [x ] Your works are always asymmetrical. (one of my weaknesses)
30. [ ] Line art only = Finished piece. (nope)
31. [ ] Rough sketch only = Finished piece (don't really make rough sketches)
32. [ ] You have no anatomical knowledge.
33. [ ] You only draw eyes.
34. [X] Character's hand or eyes are huge. (so true)
35. [ ] You're poor in drawing the position of boobs.
36. [X] Your artworks are free from all logic. Awkward anatomy and proportion. (I R ALL THE LOGICS!)
37. [XX] You lose confidence when other people's works look great.
38. [x] You think they are genius when they come up with satisfied quality.
39. [x] You collect other people's works as practice references but you actually collect them as a collection.
40. [XX] While drawing, you easily lose patience and go do something else
41. [ ] Tablet is your god item. (I miss my 2nd mouse...)
42. [ ] You regain confidence when other people's works look crappy than yours. (to think that way would depress me more)
43. [X] You are more than willing to draw but you lose the spirit so easily. (YES)
44. [ ] You completely lose the confidence when you see the works of true genius.
45. [ ] You draw once a month or even once a year.
46. [ ] You get mad when your favorite artists are being lazy.
47. [X] When you draw hentai art, you end up drawing grotesque horror pictures because their proportion is so fucking awful. (Because I draw gore hentai most of the time anyway?)
48. [x] You don't even have faith in yourself.
49. [ ] You can't even draw since the beginning. (? like when I was in the uterus?)
50. [ ] You realized there are problems and know where to fix but you never do. (most of the time)