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Me being around and with my favorite Sternritters.

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Quincy Idiots.

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Chapter 4: Quincy Idiots

"It's really nice here." I mused, as both Uryu and I stopped at the edge of a large opening. I smiled, while I looked out of the now destroyed seireitei: all I could see was smoke, fires, crumbled buildings and hear nothing but the sound of destruction being made.

From behind us, the Quincy boss, Yhwach showed a wide smirk from my compliment. Slowly, he rose up from his throne and walked towards us.

"I must agree with you about that, my daughter." I felt a cold rough hand on my shoulder, as I glanced at him and noticed a creepy smirk on his face. I started to smile as best as I could. "Ah, y-yeah." That and it really creeped me out when he call me his daughter, when I'm not even close in being in Quincy.

I tried my best to speak. "U-Um, sir..." I softly sighed, "Thank you for agreeing with me, but...I'm not your daughter.."

From that, I heard a dark chuckle rumble in his throat. Slowly, I started to shake as I looked away and Uryu could notice how frightened I was, as he took my hand in his.

From feeling his hand, I started to calm down, and not even noticing Bazz-B was slowly approaching us with his hands in his pockets. Noticing myself and Uryu holding hands, Bazz-B started to shake his hands and gritting his teeth down.

"Yes." Bazz-B stepped beside me, glancing at me. I looked up at him, looking into his golden hues with a blush. When he noticed, he smiled and turned toward Yhwach. He gave a bow, "Your majesty, if I may ask, why did you just call Ash your daughter? Since," He glanced at me again. "She isn't a Quincy or a sternritter like all of us are."

He smirked, "You are wrong, Bazz-B."


"Miss Ashley is a Quincy."

"Wha--?!!" I quickly turned around, as did Uryu. "Me?!! A Quincy?!! No, that's not possible!! Sure, I had this fake Quincy cross I always held at my wrist and pretended to be a Quincy!! But, no! I'm not a real one!!"

"Ashley's right, your majesty!!" Uryu stepped in. "I didn't feel any reiatsu from her that would make her a Quincy!!"

Yhwach only chuckled from our misbelief.

I only shook my head. "No...no, I'm not. As much as I've always wanted to be, to cosplay as, I am not a Quincy..."

"Haschwalth." Yhwach called.


"Did you bring it?" He asked.

"Yes, sir." Haschwalth stepped in, while he was holding some white cloth. Yhwach smirked, "Bring it to her."

With his blond hair waving past him, Haschwalth stepped in front of me and held out the white cloth to me. "This is your uniform, miss Ashley." He glanced behind him and pointed behind him. "The restroom's just down that hallway."

Slowly I nodded. "Um, okay." I smiled as I walked down the hallway and towards the restroom. When I walked inside, I closed the door and locked it. I gazed at the uniform and smiled, "A Sternritters uniform...sweet!!"

* * *

After I placed it on I walked back to the throne room. Holding on to the edge of the skirt I was wearing, I frown and walked toward them. It seemed that Bazz-B was chatting with the Quincy boss before I came toward them, as he glanced at me and started to blush. "A-Ash!! You...Y-You l-look...."

And Uryu started to slowly step toward me. "Ashley...you...y-y-you l-look..."

"So beautiful..." They both said in unison.

I only sighed, gripping on the skirt tightly. "I hate skirts..." I mumbled.

There were no responses, as the blushing Quincy idiots stepped toward me. "B-But Ash!! You look so great in your uniform!!"

"Uh huh..."

"You look so wonderful, Ashley!!"


"It's true!!" They said in unison again.

"Right...Right." I sighed as I started to walk off back to my room.

And, unknown to me, both Uryu and Bazz-B started to follow me.

Blushing Quincy idiots indeed...

Our World.

Chapter 3: Our World.

When Bazz-B left to go toward the Quincy boss who asked for him, as Ishida told him, I softly let out a sigh. I bent my head down, feeling like I had betrayed Ishida, even if he knew about my feelings for him or not. Those feelings still stayed with me.

"Miss Ashley?" I heard him step toward me. "Hm?" I looked at him, "Yes? Is there anything you need, Ishida?"

"Well." He moved closer, as he studied the clothes I wore, while he tugged at the sleeve. "Your clothes seem a bit dirty. Would you like to wear something a bit more cleaner than this?"

I looked down at him tugging on my sleeve as I showed him a smile. "You're right about that, but I don't have any new clothes. But, if I knew I was coming here, then I would have brought some of my clothes." I chuckled, shaking my head.

Unnoticed by me, Ishida smiled. "Well, I can tell you this, miss Ashley." He walked around me and stopped in front of the long hallway. He glanced at me with a smile, "There are some extra sternritter uniforms left."

When he talked, I was going to walk back to my room, but stopped. "Wha...?" I turned around and blinked. "Uniforms...? Like the one you're wearing? Like the one everyone else here is wearing? That kind of uniform?"

"The same." He smiled, enjoyed from my reaction.

"Oh sweet!!" I started to spin around, with my arms extended. "It's all like a dream~!!!"

Right in front of me, Ishida smiled with his arms folded while he watched me. And, just in case I would have fallen or trip, Ishida stayed close by as I spun around. "Careful, miss Ashley." He stopped me by placing his hands on my shoulders. "You could fall from spinning around so much."

"Oh?" I looked up at him and smiled. "Yeah, I have become dizzy a few times from spinning around too much~" Ishida blinked. "You've...done this before?"

"Yes!" I giggled. "Sometimes on my birthday, or holidays, or just cause I'm bored~"

"Just...from boredom?" He blinked. And I just smiled at him, "Yes!"

"Tell me, Ashley."


"Do I...have to carry you to your room?"

From that question, I nearly blushed. Just thinking of Ishida Uryu carrying me, seemed to be a bit too much for me. "W-Well, n-no of course you d-do--" And from that, I fell backwards.

"Ashley!!" Ishida easily caught me. "Ashley...?" He looked down at me, to see that I was out. He smiled, brushing some strands of hair away from my face. "Silly girl." He smiled.

He picked me up and walked toward my room. He walked inside and placed me on the bed, while placing a blanket on me. He leaned down and kissed my cheek.

"Oh, Ashley. Something tells me that I'll be taking good care of you from now on."

* * *

Throughout the day, all Ishida did was do his duties that Yhwach ordered him to do, and when he was free he looked out for me making sure everything was a-okay. Even when I woke up, he took care of me: asked how I was doing, if I was hungry or thirsty, and if I wanted to go with him for a walk around HQ. (Which I always agreed to.)

And today was no different.

Hearing a knock on my door, I smiled. "Come on in, Ishida~" And from that, the successor came inside with a nice smile. "Hello, Ashley." He greeted. "How are you feeling? Everything okay?"

"I'm feeling good, thank you." I smiled, feeling just him being here made everything okay in the world; whether the Quincies were fighting the Shinigami or not.

From my answer, Ishida smiled. "That's great to hear, Ashley." He sat on the bed beside me with the same sweet smile. "So, what do you wish to do? Are you hungry? You want something to eat or drink? Or maybe--"

"Okay, okay! Enough with all the questions!!" I giggled. "I'm not hungry or thirsty, Ishida. I honestly, u-um..."

"You honestly what?" He moved in closer, "Tell me."

Feeling him so close to me, I blushed but I looked at him with a smile. "I...I just want to spend my time with you, Ishida. And not when your off your duty." I moved around to face him, "I want to spend all day with you, Ishida."

"Ashley..." He sighed, "I'm sorry, but I can't just skip out on my duties with y--"

"Screw your duties!!"

Ishida stopped, as he looked down at me. "A-Ashley..."

"Do you know the dreams I have? The dreams of me and you spend all our time together. With no work, and no school to go to. Just you and me, and no one else. It was...was..." Slowly I smiled. "Our world."

When I told him, I could have sworn I noticed him blush a little. "A-Ashley..." Slowly, he got up and started to walk toward the door. "Huh?" I blinked, as I started to follow him out of the room. "Ishida? Where are you...?"

"Where am I going?" He glanced at me with a smile. "I think you mean where are we going."

From what he said, I smiled the biggest smile I have ever made. "We...? Oh, Ishida!!" Quickly I wrapped my arms around him. "Thank you, thank you!!" Ishida chuckled, as he held onto me.

"Of course. Anything to keep you happy, Ashley~"

* * *

After that, Ishida and myself walked around the vanderich HQ, and around the places that the sternritter usually hang around which I found really cool. And I had met up with two of the Quincy girls, Candace Catnipp and Giselle Gewelle: my two favorite ones.

"Hey." I heard Candace call me. I stopped and turned around, "Hm? What is it?" Her boots clicked on the tiled floor when she approached me, "I just wanna say I'm sorry for not believing you when you first came here and all that."

I smiled, "Oh, it's okay! Don't worry about it!"

"Wha...?" She blinked. "You serious...?"

"Yes!" I grinned as I went toward Ishida. "Come on, Ishida!! I wanna see something!!" Ishida smiled as he held my hand, "Alright, Ashley. Just tell me what you want to see, and I'll take you there."

When we walked down the hallway, Candace gave us a stange look and Giselle only smiled with her hands, mostly over her long sleeves, under her chin.

"Seems like that girl has a nice crush on the successor~"


Chapter 2: Favorite.

Down the long hallway, Haschwalth led me toward a room; a room I'd be staying in for awhile. Behind him, I started to smile so widely. That something so great as to meet and talk with the sternritters never ever happens, especially for someone as boring as me.

"Here's your room." Haschwalth stopped and opened the door. He glanced at me, "I hope it is to your liking, miss Ashley." As he spoke, I took a peek and nearly screamed from how huge the room was. "Woah...." I gasped as I walked in and sat on the large bed. "This is great!! Thanks, Haschwalth!!!"

He nodded, "It's not me you should thank, miss Ashley. It is your majesty that decided for you to stay in this room, right beside Bazz-B."

Just thinking that I was in a room next to Bazz-B's made me want to let out the loudest fangirl scream that would shake the entire vanderich HQ. "W-Wow...th-that's great."

"Just be careful around him, miss Ashley. He seems...quite violent when he is around you."

As scared as I should be, I only nodded with a smile. "Okay, I'll be careful around him then~"

With one nod, Haschwalth stepped back and closed the door.

"Wow..." I laid on the most comfiest bed I ever laid on, and smiled while looking up at the white roof. "This so amazing. I never thought this would ever happen!! It's so awesome~!!!" I grinned, but I stopped from hearing shouts. "Hm?"

"Why the fuck is this stupid bitch here?!!" I heard Bazz-B scream. "She's not a Quincy, no! She's nothing!!"

From what he was saying, I frowned. "I'm...not that useless..."

"Bazz-B, calm down." It was Haschwalth this time.

"Like fuck I'll calm down!! Not with that stupid bitch living right beside me!!"

I couldn't take it anymore.

Feeling the tears run down my face, I wiped them with the back of my hand and opened the door. When he saw me, Bazz-B gasped from seeing my tear stained face. "Oh shit..."

I frowned, "If I knew that you would think that of me then..."

"Ash, look I--" Bazz-B was about to approach me, but I just pushed him back.

Then I screamed, "Then I wished I would have never opened that damn book!!!!! I hate it here!!!! Thanks to you!!!!!"

His golden orbs widened. "A-Ash...I...I'm sorry..."

"Sorry isn't good enough!!!!" I scream, as he glanced at me with tears blurring my vision. "Bazz-B, you...you...you're...."


"My...My favorite sternritter...you're the best...B-Bazz-B..."

"Me?" He opened his mouth wide open, as if he didn't believe me. "I'm...your favorite?"

Slowly I nodded, and, as if I had a death wish, I softly spoke. "A-Aside from Ishida I mean..."

From that, I was sure that Bazz-B would have given me the most deadliest glare, but he only sighed. "...I see. So the successor's your main guy huh?" From that question, I slowly nodded. "Y-Yeah. He always has been...for years."

For a few seconds, Bazz-B was silent until I heard him let out another sigh. "Well. ...Alright." He turned around and walked off slowly. "Bazz-B?" I blinked as I, for some reason, started to follow him.

* * *

I followed Bazz-B all around the vanderich HQ: down the hallways, in the throne room, and sometimes outside. And, for some reason, he never did notice or sense me. Which was weird.

"...Ash." He stopped in front of a door, which was probably to his room. When he said my name, I abruptly stopped. "Y-Yes?"

He turned around to face me, having his gloved hands in his pockets. "Why are you following me? And not the successor?"

Honestly, that was a good question that he asked. Why wasn't I following Ishida?

"Um..." I looked away. "Honestly, I...don't know."

"You," He rose a brow as he stepped towards me and leaned over, his nose almost touching mine. "Don't know?"

Just from looking into his golden hues, I started to shake but I slowly smiled while I kept looking away and back at him a few times. "We-Well, um y--"

I started to shake and look away left and right again, until Bazz-B placed a hand on my face for me to stop. "Ash," He leaned in closer, our noses touching and out lips just inches apart. "Why are you so nervous?"

"U-Um, I-I..." I bit my lip, as I, for some reason, placed my hands on his waist. "I....I...do--" Before I could speak any further, I felt Bazz-B's soft and warm lips against mine. From that, I felt myself blush a dark red as I slowly closed my eyes and leaned into the kiss.

Slowly, I moved back and started to breathe. "W-Wow..."

Bazz-B smirked as he leaned in again. "You like~?"

From that question, I only slowly laughed, as I scratched my arm. "Ah? We-Well, it...it..." I only blushed brighter as I smiled at him. "It was so amazing...just w-wow..."

Bazz-B only smirked from my compliment and stepped closer to me. "Oh?" He leaned in close again, this time placing a gloved hand around my waist. "You don't say~?"

"Y-Yeah, I--"


Before he could kiss me again, both Bazz-B and I stopped, and noticed Ishida walking towards us. I frowned, now feeling regret for what I had just done. Sure, Bazz-B is my most favorite sternritter, but Ishida....

Is my favorite Quincy.

Where am I again...?

Chapter 1: Where am I, again...?

It was a manga book.

Just a manga book.

At Barnes & Noble, I walked inside to see what new manga books were out when I found a pitch black book on the floor.

Out of curiosity, I picked it up and flipped through the blank pages. Blank pages! There was nothing, absolutely nothing in there!!

Shrugging my shoulders, I went to put it back on the shelf, until there was this bright flash of light.


* * *

I don't know where I was, or how I arrived here. Slowly, very slowly, I started to open my eyes. And man, there was so much white!! Everywhere!! The walls, the ceilings, the floor I was laying on, and even the ones around me were wearing but white from head to toe!!

I heard someone walk toward me, as I glanced at their white shoes with a blue cross on it. I chuckled, "Ah...nice shoes, bro~ Kinda looks like a Quincy's--whoa!!!"

I felt someone take my underarms and pulled me up. "Hey, hey!!" I moved back and rubbed my arm. "That hurt, you know..."

With a rough sigh, the person, grabbed my collar and growled, "Does it look like I care?!!" From his screaming, I only looked up in his gold eyes, and stared at his pink mohawk. Which meant he was...


When I said his name, Bazz-B gave me a bewildering look. "...And how the fuck do you know me?!! I sure as shit don't know you."

With someone who doesn't like any bad language, I only smiled and patted his chest. "Bazz-B, what a potty mouth~"

With a another growl, Bazz-B took his arm away and formed a fist and aimed at my face. "You little bit--!!"


He stopped. his gloved fist just inches away from my nose. He pulled back and turned around, "Yes...your majesty?"

Up ahead, I noticed the Quincy boss, Yhwach. And beside him, Haschwalth and the Successor, Ishida Uryu. Since they were there, then I must have made it here before they invaded the Soul Society.

"Miss." Yhwach called me as I looked ahead. "Yes?"

He smirked and waved his finger at me. "Come."

I nodded and stepped closer to them. I looked up, and couldn't help think how scary he was in real life than in the manga. Slowly, I gulped.

"So, girl. Tell me." He smirked down on me, as I started to shake, "What is your name?"

Letting out a low sigh, I told him, "I-I'm Ashley. A-Ashley Spencer.."

"Ashley." He chuckled. "What a lovely name~"

"Th-Thank you."

He only gave me that creepy smirk of his.

"So tell me, miss Ashley, where are you from?" From that question, I felt each and every sternritter looking at me, as if interested.

With another gulp, I told him, "I'm f-from America...in T-Texas..."

"Texas, America hm?" He slowly chuckled a dark chuckle. "How interesting~"

"And tell me, miss Ashley."

Another question? Geez, when will it stop??

"How did you end up here if you're all the way in America?"

I had to. I had to tell the truth that they're all just fictional characters in my world, that their from a hit manga/anime series, Bleach. I had to.

"W-Well, you see..."

And I started to tell him, and everyone everything.

* * *

Once I told them, I noticed they all had such bewildered looks, as if they couldn't believe that they were all fictional in my world. And I think both Bazz-B and Candace Catnipp didn't believe me.

Both of them just ran in my face with such nasty glares and growls.

"Unbelievable!! I don't believe that!!" Candace growled, her eye twitching. "Do you take us for idiots?!! You're just trying to get on your masjesty's good side aren't ya, ya bitch?!!!!?!"

I only blinked and smiled and let out a soft chuckle. "You're so cute Bazz-B~"

And that only made him more angrier, but I could have sworn I noticed a blush on his face. I only smiled, feeling so proud that I made Bazz-B, Sternritter 'H' The Heat, blush.

"Mission accomplished~" I muttered.

"What'd ya say?!!" From that, Bazz-B took my collar and glared into my eyes. I slowly held up my hands and smiled. "Oh, nothing~"

"Tell me!! Tell me now, ya bitch!!!!" He screamed in my face, as I felt his spit on my face. From that, I closed my eyes. Wiping my face, I looked at him, "...Ew."

Before he could say anything, Ishida stepped in. "Bazz-B, stop this."

Glaring behind him, Bazz-B pushed me back and stepped back. When he did, I flapped my arms around to keep my sucky balance.

"You okay, miss Ashley?" Ishida asked me as he approached me. I only smiled, "Yeah, I'm good! I just have the worst balance that you can think of Ishida! Well, I guess it's from having ms, but I'm cool now~!!"

"Well, that's," He smiled, placing his hands on my shoulders. "Wonderful."

"Yeah!!" I grinned.

Ishida only smiled as he stepped back up next to Yhwach.

"So. What shall we do with her, your majesty?" Haschwalth glanced at him.

"Let her stay. She interests me~" He smirked. "Let her stay in a nice room, Haschwalth."

"Yes, sir." He bowed, "But...the only free room is right beside Bazz-B's."

"Perfect~" He glanced down at me and Bazz-B, who was still bickering and spitting on my face again and I just smiled.

"Let her have that room."

"As you wish, your majesty."