Umm... hello there. :)

I'm Stella. I came here looking for wallpapers and i decided to sign up.

Gender: Female
Residence: California
Fave anime: Pokemon
Fave animal: Cat
Language: English
Race: Japanese

This is a picture of me. :)


OK so sory i havnt posted in a while. ive been like, realy busy. i hope you guys havent forgotten about me. </3


heyyy. comment if you love me. ;)

Umm... hello.

Well, i've been signed up for a day and everyone's been really nice to me. :)

I also wanted to say sorry to my subscribers because i cant subscribe back to them. It gives me an error message when i try. :( I'll try to fix it soon.

Thank you everyone for being so nice. :)

Okay, its working now. I can subscribe. :)