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News: Star trek Into Darkness Will Have a Comic Book Epilogue

Today while visiting TrekMovie.com, I have found out that Issues 21 through 23 of IDW Publishing's Star Trek will consist together a storyarc dealing with the aftermath of the events to be seen in Star Trek Into Darkness, which is coming in theaters on 5/17/2013 (and yes, the comic storyarc is part of the Star Trek canon). Issue 21 is scheduled for release on 5/29/2013 with the other issues to come out in June and July respectively. So for those of you looking forward to seeing this epic sci-fi thriller, make sure to mark your calendars for these issues, and for thsoe of you haven't yet read the film's comic book prelude miniseries Star Trek: Countdown to Darkness, I recommend you read the whole minseries first (with the fourth issue to come out sometime later this month) then see the movie, then read IDW's Star Trek No. 21.

6:04 PM Canada EST

News: Comic Book Prequel to 12th ST Movie Coming January 2013

For all you Star Trek fans and moviegoers looking forward to the release of Star Trek Into Darkness, scheduled to come out May 13 2013, just a reminder to mark your calendars for January 2013 as it will mark the launch of the 4-i...

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News: Star Trek's Supreme Court Now Declares Abramsverse comics canon

Today, TrekMovie.com reveals from its interview with Roberto Orci that all Star Trek comics and ...

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News: Enterprise-E Crew Return to Comics in Fall 2012

As a part of the celebration of Star Trek: The Next Generation's 25th anniversary, Brannon Braga (co-creator of Star Trek: Enterprise) will be writing for publication by IDW Publishing, Star Trek: The Next Generation com...

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News: New Info On ST: TNG/Dr. Who Event

IDW Publishing has revelaed some new details on its upcoming Star Trek/Doctor Who crossever adventure tale. It will be a limited series titled Star Trek: The Next...

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