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News: Star Trek Returning to Small Screen in 2017

Good news: Star Trek will be getting a new television series launched by CBS studios (formerly known as "Paramount Television") in January 2017. Bad news: those living in the united States will be required to use the not-free-to-access streaming video service CBS All Access in order to access every episode during its run, and not everyone uses the internet to watch television program content.

1:08 AM Canada ET

News: Farewell, Leonard Nimoy

I'm sure a lot of Star Trek fans out there heard this morning's tragic news about Star Trek: The Original Series actor Leonard Nimoy, who died at age 83 due to a lung disease. What a harsh way to die. As for me, I saw Innerspace's "Rembering Leonard Nimoy" special on SPACE: The Imagination Station (a very fitting tribute).

He wil be missed by both the cast, production crew, and fans of the Star Trek franchise. May he live long and prosper in where Gene Roddenberry, DeForest Kelly, James Doohan, and Majel Barret are now.

8:05 PM Canada ET

Starfleet Forumdock: Your Thoughts on Star Trek Animated

It's been a few months since I last posted anything in Star Trek Nation, but don't worry, Trekkers, because it's still around. Anyway, I post today, another forum topic of discussion, and this one's about the Star Trek franchise's first ever animated series installment: 1973's Star Trek (better known as "Star Trek: The Animated Series"), which turned 40 last month and is the T.V. series that centred around the last months of the U.S.S. Enteprise NCC-1701's five-year mission of exploration, the mission around which much of the 1st Star Trek T.V. series is centred.

Here are some questions to think about as you take part in the discussion: What are your favorite ST: TAS episodes or moments? Any favorite characters in the show? What are your thoughts on the story content compared to other Star Trek shows (ex: do you find the show to share the same level of serious and sophisticated content as its predecesor series)? Do you feel the show could have ran for more episodes than it already had (it lasted for 22 episodes) so as to give viewers a larger view the the entire final year of the NCC-1701's 5-year mission? Was it amoung the best Star Trek series you've seen? Given that this show was intended for a family-viewing audience when it was produced, would you recommend this show for youth audiences looking for non-comedic action/adventure animated programs to watch (at least on DVD), especially in an age where much of the North American T.V. networks are apparently experiencing a decline in space for North American-produced Saturday morning animated programs? Would you recommend this for adults looking for North American-produced non-comedic action/adventures animated programs to watch, especially in a time where adult animation of the western world is still being dominated by comedy-types? Do you think Star Trek could use another shot in having an animated series produced later in the future?

2:04 PM Canada EST

Starfleet Forumdock: TMP Enterprise Vs. Abramsverse Enterprise

Today, I present a another forum topic for the Star Trek-themed forum post series Starfleet Forumdock. In this topic, it's debate between two versions of the Constitution-Class starship U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701 from separate realities within the Star Trek canon: the ST: TMP Enterprise (the Prime Reality's U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701 as it appeared in 1979's Star Trek: The Motion Picture, 1982's Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, and 1984's Star Trek III: The Search for Spock) and the Abramsverse' Enterprise (the Enterprise introduced in 2009's Star Trek). As some of you may know, the 2009 movie Star Trek (which introduced the AbramsTrekverse) is indicated to split the official Star Trek Universe's timeline in two (consider the android Data's Quantum Reality discussion in the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "Parallels"), meaning that what goes on in one timeline will have no effect on the other. Now lets say the Abramsverse Enterprise was to travel to the Prime Reality or that the TMP Enterprise Enterprise was to enter the Abramsverse and both ships ended up competing against each other, here are some things to think about:

-Which ship's would prove to be stronger in tactical combat?
-Which ship could travel faster during warp speed?
-Which ship's crew would prove to be the mentally stronger when handling problematic situations during missions on a planet, including how to handle the situations in ways to reduce the risk of not only losing crewmembers in the process, but also violating Starfleet's Prime Directive?

5:17 PM Canada EST

Starfleet Forumdock: Your Thoughts on Star Trek Into Darkness

Today on Starfleet Forumdock, the topic is all about Star Trek Into Darkness, the second film in J.J. Abrams' theatrical Star Trek film series. Yes, you're invited to share your thoughts about the movie itself, that is if you have seen the movie yet. I happened to enjoy the film when seeing it on 5/19/2013, despite a few unexpected parts, and felt it took things up the notch for the film series itself. Anyway, here are some questions you may want to think about as you take part in the forum discussion: What did you like about the film? What you hate about it (if there are any aspects you dislike)? Would you say it brought further advancement to J.J. Abrams' revamp of Star Trek, or would you say it brought ruin? What are your thoughts about John Harrison as a villain? What are your thoughts about the character development of James T. Kirk and his crew within the film? Is it among the best Star Trek movies you have seen so far (if you have seen any of the previous 11 so far of course)?

Remember, since the movie is in being shown in theatres, please make sure to use the spoiler function to hide any spoiler details of the movie mentioned in your commentary from online public viewing so as to not spoil things up for those who have not yet seen the film but are still interested in watching.

8:09 PM Canada EST