Be the Change You Want to See in the World

How many times have you looked at a person and thought what they were wearing was trashy, stupid? How many times have you judged a person upon just looking at them? How many times have you judged someone for liking something you didn’t? Do you judge someone for being different?

The answer is yes. We do it without thinking. But that doesn’t make it right. And just because a lot of other people think the same thing, doesn’t make it right.

We are trying to build a better future. A future where acceptance is the way of life. We are not there now. Not even close. Too many times, I’ll be talking to someone and they’ll look at teenagers and the way they dress and judge them, calling them stupid.

Well, who are they hurting? No one. A lot of people say they are dressing slutty and are asking to be raped. No. Just no. That’s not how that works. No one ASKS for rape. I’m pretty sure when that thirteen year old got dressed she wasn’t praying that someone would rape her if she wore that revealing dress.

Rape is rape, and it is never okay. No means no. Always.

If what she is wearing is tempting, it’s on you to control your own desire and lust. Not hers.

Then you have people who like something that others don’t. I’m going to use golf as an example here because growing up, golf wasn’t ‘cool’. But, by saying something is stupid and making it something uncool, you may be limiting someone who could have been amazing at it. You are making those that are brave enough to go against the social norm feel out of place and wrong for liking what they like. It’s just golf. They aren’t hurting anyone by playing it.

Would you like to be made fun of for liking the things you do? Would you want to be made to feel stupid and insignificant? No. Who does?

There may be a million people who hate golf and think it’s the dumbest sport. But, does that make it right and true? No. Not at all. Replace golf with the word football. Everyone loves football right? It’s cool, has a lot of fans. It’s something you like to do or watch. The same as golf.

It’s okay not to like something. But, don’t judge or make fun of the people that like what you don’t. That’s their thing, and that’s fine. Let them do their thing, and they will let you do your thing.

We need to start embracing the different things people do or like. You don’t like something? Don’t do it. Simple as that.

We talk about change and how we want things to change. Yet, we all are stuck in the same old way of life. You want the world to change? It starts with you. Someone has to start doing it, and soon others will follow. Be the change you want to see in the world. Set the example.