I rejoice in what I have and I know that fresh new experiences are always ahead. I greet the new with open arms. I trust life to be wonderful. – Louise Hay

"You can be the worlds greatest hero, or its most mild mannered citizen, the only person who can write your story, is you!" - Jonathan Kent to Clark Kent

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It's Been a Long While

Hope you all are doing well in this new year! Hope you are all staying healthy, safe, and warm. It's freaking freezing where I am. Brr.

I just wanted to pop on as I see some of my old friends have gotten back on, and I wanted to leave some links on where to find me most days:

Tumblr - I mostly go on rants about Yashahime at the moment, but really anything I am obsessing over.

AO3 - I have been writing Naruto and Inuyasha fanfic lately. Come check it out!

So anyways, if any of you all are active on either of these sites, drop me a line! Otherwise, I'll see you around theO!

Feeling Nostalgic

Long time no see... er read?... Just feeling bored tonight and thought I'd pop in and see how everyone is doing. I miss talking to people here. This place used to be a refuge for me. I couldn't wait to log on. How times have chan...

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Digital Art Question

Long time no see!

I'm always here, lurking in the shadows. Just haven't had much of anything to post, so I've been rather quiet.

However, for Christmas, I got a drawing tablet- my first ever! I'm so excited but I am such a noob. I need any of your advise on pretty much everything. Like, what is the best software to use? Preferably cheap. Any tips and tricks?

I appreciate any and all feedback!

You can also just drop a line and tell me what's been new with you all! I'd love to hear from you!

Please read!

It's that time of year again! I want to send you all holiday cards! If you would like to receive one, please message me with how you would like me to address the envelope and the address I can send it to! I won't use your address for anything else nor will I share your address with anyone else!
Thanks guys!

To Keep in Touch

So I realize I'm not on here very often, and I would love to keep in touch with all of you outside of theO since I'm much more active on social media. I know some of us are friends on Facebook, but for those of you I'm not friends with...
So if any of you are interested,
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